Sunday, September 15, 2019

Wearing White After Labor Day And Vegetarian Meals

Wearing White In The Fall and Eating Vegetarian

Hey Everyone! I've managed to pull myself out of my "slump" I wrote about over the weekend and thought you might like to talk about a couple of things today. I know you may consider it "old news" to even talk about wearing white after Labor Day since this "rule" seems to have gone by the wayside. For some folks, though, it's still a bit of a big deal to decide whether or not to wear white once September has arrived. So, I'm sharing with you the outfit I wore to church today for our annual outdoor service followed by church picnic celebration. 

I have to admit that I have been a bit on the slow side to wholeheartedly embrace the idea of wearing white in the Fall. It was always such a hard and fast "rule" growing up. But, today, I actually pulled out these pants and didn't think twice until I was heading out to church and I thought briefly, "Hmm..I'm wearing white pants and it's September 15th," and then the thought left me and I forgot all about it. That's progress, folks! It really was a silly rule anyway, wasn't it? But, like other fashion rules, feel free to keep it or break it if it feels right to you! I was quite comfortable in these white cargo style pants that I picked up in the Spring at Sam's Club. I also own them in tan and have worn them a few times this summer. To me they are a more "polished" style of cargo pants which I like better on me. (Brand is Khakis & Company if you are interested). The top and shoes you have seen before. This is one of my favorite tops by Ex Officio and you know I love my Skecher shoes! Comfort all around for today's picnic. 

I decided to pull my hair up into a high ponytail. Yes, we can still wear ponytails, ladies, even over age 60!  I've debated from time to time about getting my hair cut short just for a change. But, in all honesty, wearing a ponytail or pulling it up in a clip is something I enjoy being able to do for either a change of look or when I don't feel like messing with my hair. If I go short this won't be an option and I sometimes think it's actually harder to keep shorter hair looking good and styled than it is to keep longer hair looking styled. Opinions? 

I wish my hair was as thick as it used to be but it isn't. I did read online that you could "tease" your ponytail to make it look thicker so I gave this a try and liked the results. 

Now, in true "this and that" fashion you get two for the price of one in today's post! We're going to switch gears and talk about a vegetarian meal I fixed recently which was delicious and I decided to share!

The Mr. and I eat vegetarian meals quite a bit although both of us will eat meat....just not often. I threw this meal together in minutes a few days ago using some staple items I keep on hand. I sauteed a jar of mushrooms and some fresh spinach in olive oil while cooking one of those steam bags of brown/multi-grain rice with vegetables added in the microwave. (We use the Bird's Eye Steamfresh brand). I then cooked some Morning Star Farms Vegetarian chicken patties in the microwave, cut them up into small pieces and added that to the mix. As a final touch, I added some store brand french fried onions to the mix to give a little extra flavor. 

Oh my, this was yummy!  The rice already had carrots and broccoli mixed in which blended well with the mushrooms and spinach I added. Fresh mushrooms would have been healthier but I didn't have any on hand so, to cut back on salt, I rinsed the jarred mushrooms under water to remove some of the salt. You can do rinsing with any canned vegetables that contain sodium if you want to cut back. Of course, there are also sodium free canned vegetables available as well. Let me know if you give this dish a try!

Do you wear white after Labor Day?  Do you incorporate vegetarian meals into your weekly meal plans?  Hope you will take a moment to share in the comment sections. And, don't forget to follow me by email so you never miss a post. Just look on the right-hand side of my post for the "follow me by email" section, add your email and submit. It's easy and no cost to you!

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Sharon said...

Just like you, Debbie, I think twice about wearing white after Labor Day. I really don't think it matters, but when that's what you grew up hearing, the idea sticks around. I think your casual outfit with white pants is perfect for a mid-September outdoor event. Your vegetarian dish looks and sounds so yummy. You've inspired me to try something similar!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hope you enjoy your version of this veggie meal, Sharon. It really was delicious and one I will return to again! Yes, it is hard to get those things we've heard about fashion growing up out of our heads! When a rule doesn't make sense, though, it's easier to break, LOL!

Karen Anderson said...

Such a nice idea to have an annual outdoor service! I like the blue shirt, and have also been working on letting go of the old rules on white. It was ingrained in my generation, and when you think about it, it's really silly. You look pretty. I wear ponytails often, and don't plan on switching to short hair. I had short hair once and it took so much longer to style. I'm with you on the long hair! Your dinner looks delicious! I try to have meatless meals 4 or 5 times a week. I love shellfish and bacon, but wouldn't miss the rest! I'll have to try what you made here.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks for the sweet compliment, Karen! I loved this outfit and did feel pretty wearing it. I think if I really want to give short hair a try I may just get a wig to wear on occasion. I just think I would be unhappy if I got a really short cut. Hope you enjoy the meal if you give it a try!

Joy said...

That must be a US thing; I've never come across it but, of course, we don't have labor day in the UK. It's a lovely outfit you wore. I'm always wary of white trousers - they're so easy to get dirty.