Thursday, September 26, 2019

Cassie Cat Chat: So Little Time Fur Blogging

When "Garden"ing Gets In The Way Of Blogging, Among Other Things

"Quick, where's my paw pilot? Are you showing my best side? I think that photo's a bit blurry, don't you have anything better you can use? What....we're live you say???"

Oh hello! So sorry that I have not blogged in such a very long time. I've just been so busy in the last year, you know, with soooo many things! Furst, there was all of the training I had to do for Love and Softie (aka my fur Mom and Dad) to try and teach them what I expected of them and then, of all things, they brought home a kitten for me to raise! Granted, she was an older kitten, almost a year old you must understand, and had already learned some bad fur habits which I am still trying desperately to correct. Have you met her yet? My fur sister I mean. Love and Softie call her "Garden" but I have my own name for her. I call her, "Trouble."

Oh yes, friends, I knew when this one came through the front door that I was going to have my paws full and I wasn't wrong! 

Must I always share my favorite perch with her?!  She follows me around constantly!

And, she always has to have the top tier on our living room perch!  I hesitate to tell you this, but, well.....sometimes Little Miss Bossy Paws even knocks me off if I'm on the top! Now do you see why I named her "Trouble?!"

And, as if that's not bad enough, she sneaks around hiding behind doorways so she can jump on me as I stroll by. I'm minding my own fur business as usual you know, but oh no, Trouble can't leave well enough alone!

I'm sure you can understand how disturbing getting jumped on can be, especially by an eight pound furball!  It has even been challenging to have time fur my hobby of hiding things under the rugs because she is always in the way!!  What's a cat to do? Now, where did I put that twist tie? I know I buried it under the rug in the living room somewhere....

And then, to add even more to my busy schedule, I have recently had to help Love take photos for the blog!  I do believe my photography skills are quite good if I do say so myself. I don't know why Love yelled at me for moving the tripod! (I think I caught her best side in this picture, hee, hee!) this my best side??   Anyway, I thought purrhaps that explaining how busy life has been this past year would help you to understand why I simply haven't been able to get a blog post done until now. I'll try to do better, I promise. 

But furst, there's a certain cat lurking around the corner that thinks I don't know she's there. I told you she was Trouble!

Until Next Time,



Karen Anderson said...

I just love these posts Debbie!! You should be writing stories from a cat's perspective, you, um, Cassie I mean, has such a talent! Such little sweethearts your kitties are!

Joy said...

Aaaaawwwwww - gorgeous, cuddly photos!

Sharon said...

Cassie's posts are some of my favorites. I'm so glad she found time to blog again!

Debbie Styles Life said...

You are so sweet, Karen, thank you! I have fun when "Cassie" writes a post. Cassie and Garden are definitely sweethearts who "get in trouble" from time to time! (wink)

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon, I'm glad she found time to blog again too! Such a busy little cat!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Joy!