Thursday, January 9, 2020

How I Decorate My Laundry Area

Laundry Decor

Wash and Dry Laundry Sign

Hello Friends!  I've been terribly lazy about blogging lately. For those of you who expect to hear from me more often, I apologize. Hopefully, you will enjoy what I'm sharing today which is my laundry "room" decor which has finally been completed. 

laundry room decor

We actually don't have a dedicated laundry "room" like many homes have nowadays. Ours is more of a laundry "area" created for me when the Mr. redid our basement space. So our laundry area lies between my husband's shop and our new basement bathroom. I pondered for awhile how to "decorate" this space. You may recall the do-it- yourself laundry area signs I created awhile back and posted about on the blog. That has served as the decor until recently. We found the "Wash and Dry Laundry Co." sign at Sam's Club and the other wall decor was found at The Tobacco Barn Antiques and the Tractor Supply Co. The Mr. dedicated last weekend to not only hanging these wall items but also to building a really nice shelf for above the washer dryer! I just love the shelf and it gives me space for my original laundry signs plus space for detergent bottles and other things. For now, the shelf is being purely decorative but I'm sure that over time it will hold other items as well. 

vintage laundry decor

Here is a close-up of the items hanging on the wall. I've wanted a washboard forever so I was happy to find this one at the Tobacco Barn here in town. I didn't think, previously, that a washboard would be hard to find but they are and, when you do find one, sellers want a big price! The wire egg holder and the antiqued wire bottle opener aren't exactly laundry items but they look "old" and I like them, so there you go! I wanted this space to have on old fashioned laundry/store type look. I think it's a fun look and, hey, anything that makes doing laundry more fun is worth it, am I right?!

DIY laundry room sign

And yes, I still have my "Help Wanted" sign up but, so far, I haven't had any takers for the job!!

Do you decorate your laundry area?  Hope you'll leave a comment.  I love hearing from my readers!

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Susan said...

It is very nice. I like the signs and this has given me ideas for my laundry area. My washer and dryer are in the garage but I have wanted to paint and decorate the space for a few years now but have not gotten to it.

Clearissa said...

Your laundry room is adorable. I love the help wanted sign. TFS

Karen Anderson said...

Very pretty area! You did a great job with that! I don't have a dedicated laundry room either, just the basement. I am currently in the process of scraping and painting the walls in my basement (my house was built in 1906 so this is quite the challenge), and since I'm doing some cosmetic things before putting it on the market, I think I'll borrow your ideas to create more of a laundry space, something more than a couple appliances stuck along a wall! Thank you for the inspiration. I happen to have one of those little washboards, that is in my Goodwill donation box. Guess I'll have to get that one back out!!

Sharon said...

I really enjoyed seeing how you decorated your laundry area. Your new shelf is so nice, and all the laundry signs and accessories look great. My laundry area is nothing but a closet, so I have no room at all to decorate. However, I like seeing how others use and decorate a laundry area.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Susan, Clearissa, Karen and Sharon for your sweet comments. I am really enjoying having a laundry space that is pretty to look at as well as useful! I love the shelf and all of the decorative pieces have special meaning for me in some way! I'm glad to be of inspiration to others with their home decor!

Joy said...

I'd love a laundry room - or, as we call them, a utility room but then I'd also love a pantry, a cellar, a craft room and a gym! I think I need a house double the size. :-)
It looks great!