Sunday, January 26, 2020

Subtle Ways To Incorporate Valentine Colors Into Your Wardrobe

Adding Subtle Red And Pink To Outfits

styling a sweater dress

Hey Everyone!  Today I'm sharing some ways to incorporate reds and pinks into your wardrobe in a subtle way. These colors add vibrancy to any outfit but especially with Valentine's Day approaching these hints may give you some ideas to use with your own outfits. I tend to use red more as an accent color as you see in the above picture with the red belt and red plaid shoes. I'm wearing a sweater type dress here and the belt gives me a waistline.

wide belts with pink shoes
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Same dress but with a wide black snap belt.  Wider belts are back in style or so I have read. I added some interest with my pink flats. Just a hint of color. 

sweater dress with red booties

Same dress here without a belt and I've added red ankle booties. This is my least favorite look of the three but I know some folks really like ankle booties with dresses. Hmmm...I don't like this look at all. But, it's an idea if you want to try it. 

black fringe sweater

And next up I'm wearing a sparkly fringed sweater which was another purchase I got from the same place where I bought my vintage sweater. The shape of the bottom of the sweater is unusual but interesting. I've kept the red booties on and they look "ok" with the gray slacks. I would probably go with black booties or flats but, again, I'm showing how to incorporate reds and pinks. 

fringe sweater, plaid purse, red booties

And for another hint of red, I've added a red plaid purse. I think the purse balances out this outfit and makes it look better somehow. 

pink top with jeans and red plaid purse

And here's the "real me" in the look that I feel most comfortable wearing. My most comfy and warm top in pink, multi-pink shoes and the red plaid purse. I'm wearing jeans, my favorites. So relaxed and comfortable with this look. This is me and I love the touches of red and pink in this outfit. 

Perhaps this post gives you some ideas for ways to add pinks and reds to your outfits, either for Valentine's Day or otherwise. I hope your week ahead is great and feel free to let me know which outfit(s) in this post you like best. 

Be sure to stop by Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. for another edition of Match Made in Seven with my international blogger friends. This month's theme is a bit of a conundrum for me and I'm not decided yet what I will be posting. It's almost here so I had best get the post ready! See you then!

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Susan said...

I like black clothes too but rarely wear all black. I have royal blue, peach and other colors of shoes to wear with them. I really like the red boots. The last was my favorite. I would for sure wear that one.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Susan. I agree that all black outfits need a little touch of color. I'll bet your shoes are pretty, I love the colors you mentioned!

Sharon said...

This was a fun post, Debbie, getting to see all the ways you accessorized. I really like the first outfit with the red belt and red plaid shoes. I also liked seeing your fringed top. The hemline on that top is so pretty.

Clearissa said...

I love wearing basic black and it's amazing what a scarf, belt, bag or shoes can add to an outfit. Nicely done.

Karen Anderson said...

Well, I'm a person who likes and wears a lot of black, so this is a fun post to see. That dress with the red belt and those plaid shoes...just fabulous. I also like it A LOT with the red booties! Those are great shoes Debbie! I like the looks you've created here. Goes to show we can take a single dress and style it all kinds of ways to make it look different. Loving the fringed top! There are lots of good looks here!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon. It was a fun post to do!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Clearissa. It is amazing what accessories can do for an outfit.

Debbie Styles Life said...

You are too kind, Karen! I like the red booties but feel like they call attention to me which makes me feel a little funny. I need to try them more!

Nancy Andres at Colors 4 Health said...

The fifth outfit (with red purse and shoes) is the look I like best, although all are cute and comfortable looking. I rarely wear an all black outfit, preferring colors everywhere. Happy Valentine's Day and be well.