Saturday, February 1, 2020

DIY Heart Tee Shirt and Let's Talk About Wearing Gray

Gray Skies and Gray Clothes

Happy 1st of February!  So, we've weathered the days of January and are now entering the month of all things "love."  These days can be a bit drab and dreary. So, it may seem strange to be talking about wearing gray colors since gray skies are all around us! But, to me, gray is actually a pretty color and is a great basic color for adding other colors and also layering as I'll show you in a moment. First up today is a multi-patterned heart tee shirt that I "fashioned" using a pre-made gray tee shirt and pretty bandanas that I cut into heart shapes, layered on the tee shirt and glued into place with fabric glue. This is my first time attempting this type of craft and although I like the result there are a few things I've learned in the process. If anyone out there is a craft "newbie" like I consider myself you may want to consider a few things. First off, don't go heavy on the glue like I did. Although the reviews of the "Allene" fabric glue say it dries clear it still leaves a bit of residue that shows through. There is also a slight chemically smell. I washed the shirt hoping that the residue and smell would be eliminated. The washing helped the smell but the glue still shows through a bit and the edges of the heart are now frayed!!  This is my life with crafting....nothing ever turns out right and perfect. Sigh.....I decided to create the tee shirt because I thought I could do it for less than the heart tees I saw on Amazon. I did that, but now I need to solve the issues of fraying edges and glue still showing through. More on this later if I can solve these issues. If any of you crafty folks have tips or hints please share them!

And now on to a bit more gray. I decided to do some layering with gray today and wore these corduroy gray pants with a gray striped tunic, gray ankle booties and, as a final touch, a gray sweater with Southwestern designs. I'll say up front that I really like this outfit. Gray is a favorite color and keeping it monochromatic and adding the interesting sweater as a top layer seems to give the look a little oomph. I've shared all parts of this outfit on the blog before with the exception of the corduroy pants which are a recent purchase. They are an ankle length pant and I love the pants but find myself wishing they were a tad longer, but, oh well. They are very comfortable so I am going to wear them! The brand is, Alfred Dunner and I did buy these pants in petite which is what was available. I am at the "tall end" of petite so some petites work better for me than others. Just like today's sizing which can run the gamut as far as fitting or not fitting, the length of pants can run the gamut, as well. 

Here is the outfit without the sweater on top. I like this look, too.  The "tunic" is a shorter dress but I prefer to have my legs covered either with pants, leggings or tights when I wear it. The material is soft and warm. In fact this whole outfit is perfect for a chilly day! And speaking of chilly days, we finally got some winter weather yesterday. 

This was our front yard yesterday. I felt like we lived in a snow globe with the snow falling fast and furious outside our windows. It was so pretty. It didn't last long, though. By afternoon it warmed up and began raining and the rain washed all of the pretty snow away! And I hear that on Monday we will have temps close to 70 degrees! The weather is all over the place lately. 

Here's a short video of the snow falling yesterday. Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you are doing any crafting and if you have some gray in your closet you enjoy wearing! I love comments from my readers. 

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Clearissa said...

I absolutely love the little t-shirt with the hearts. TFS

Sharon said...

Just like you, I like gray--gray clothes, gray in home decor, etc. It has become my favorite neutral, and I think it goes with just about any other color. The snow is beautiful at your house!

Karen Anderson said...

Beautiful video Debbie! I have done this too, taking videos of the snow falling. It's so peaceful and pretty! I'm a big fan of gray so like how you used it for a monochromatic look. I am kind of drawn to gray when I'm out shopping, in all its various shades. And your heart shirt is so pretty! I don't know how you got those hearts to lay so flat, but you did a good job. A little fraying around the edges really doesn't matter in today's style world where people purposely wear frayed jeans and jackets, and distressed things. Seems to me you are right with the times so maybe let it go and just enjoy what you've created! Perfectly imperfect. Nothing in life is perfect anyway, right? Not even in nature. That is part of its attraction, and makes us feel rather good knowing that we don't have to be perfect to be beautiful!

Joy said...

I really love the T shirt. If you have a sewing maching, maybe you could zigzag around the hearts so stop the fraying? Or ask a friend to.
If you can get hold of double sided interfacing, you could iron the heart on using that and then zigzag round for extra fray-prevention.

Joy said...

Sorry, should have said - the snow clip is gorgeous.