Thursday, February 13, 2020

Valentine Casual OOTD, Valentine Snack Tray and Let's Get Organized

Keeping A Simple Valentine's Day

Hi Everyone!  If you are like me, you enjoy a low-key kind of Valentine's celebration. One that includes a casual laid back style like you see here. 

This outfit of the day (OOTD) is super casual and comfortable with tan corduroy pants, brown tee and a soft pink jacket. No glaring reds, just a little soft pink for good measure! The stars of this fashion show are my new comfy Clarks flats in brown. I have looked and looked for brown shoes that fit well and finally came across this pair. I've been wearing these all day and they feel great! Plus getting them on sale at J.C.Penneys was an extra sweet treat for Valentine's!  And speaking of treats....

Valentine Snack Tray

Rather than creating a tea tray as I have done in the past I decided to try something new and share a Valentine Snack Tray. I know lots of bloggers are into the tiered trays with fancy decorations but I'm keeping it simple. I took a favorite metal tray and adorned it with a red cloth napkin, my hearts drinking glass filled with my favorite diet cola, some pretty paper straws in a vintage milk bottle, and a favorite book for reading. Do you love Rosamunde Pilcher's writing like I do? Her short stories are so good and I read them on repeat from time to time. The cookies, by the way, are a new treat I discovered at the grocery store; Lotus Biscoff cookies that are crunchy and sweet. I think I had these once on an airline flight and loved them! So happy to have gotten reacquainted with how delicious they are! And do you know what else is delicious.....?

Getting Organized

The Mr. is working on sooooo many projects around our house right now and one of these projects is re-working a lot of our closet spaces with new shelving. I was finally able to separate out my spring/summer clothing from my fall/winter clothing and I have discovered what I actually own! It's wonderful to be able to actually see my clothing rather than having them all smushed together and I'm discovering new outfits and colors that will look good together because I can actually see what I have. I'm trying not to be too grumpy since the house is kind of in disarray as he works on several things at once, but, that's how he rolls and I know that when he is done we will be so much more organized. Hooray!

So, that's the news around our house. Do you have any house projects happening right now?  Are you keeping Valentine's Day casual like me or going all out?! Whatever, please leave a comment and have a happy, happy day! Be sure to enjoy the video below. 

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I like your simple and casual take on this holiday. I look forward to seeing more on your closet re-do.

Karen Anderson said...

The video was so much fun to see! It's nice to put a voice with a face!! Your simple Valentine's day sounds perfect to me. I have never really gotten into this particular holiday, so I didn't do anything special for it. Should have gotten myself some chocolate, but I guess I can do that no matter what day it is! I like your pink jacket! You inspired me to get going on a closet purge!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Karen. Glad you liked the video! Any day is a good day for chocolate in my book!