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Romantic Ruffle Top and Tin Cup Tablescape

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Posing on my "thinking" rock by the stream
Hello everyone!  Today's post should have something for everyone I hope. If you like fashion you're in luck. If you like tablescapes you're also in luck! I'm honoring my original blog name "Debbie This and That" as my five year blog anniversary is the end of this week, by including a "little bit of this and that" in today's post!

Still a little work to do on this sitting area
I fell in love with this romantic, feminine ruffled top when I saw it online. There are ruffles on the sleeves and along the bottom which are so fun to wear. The sleeves are elastic at the wrists. I decided to style the top with my long black skirt today, but this top would also look good with a shorter skirt or even jeans. 

I really like the loose and flowy aspect of this top and the tassels can be tied like I did here or left undone to hang loose. Usually, I wouldn't wear a necklace with the tassels but today I decided, why not? I like the blue necklace and decided to add it to bring out the blue in the top. I also felt the Boho aspect of this top could handle not only the necklace but also the chunky silver bracelet and my big hoop earrings. 

ruffled feminine top

As I look at this outfit, I find myself wondering if Maisie Dobbs, the psychologist and investigator in my favorite Maisie Dobbs mystery series, might have worn something similar in the 1930's? 

Wikipedia Image Listed As Public Domain
Here's a public domain image of a lovely lady from the 1930's wearing ruffles and lace. Isn't she lovely? Perhaps Maisie Dobbs did wear ruffles and lace. If she didn't, I'm sure her good friend Priscilla did! One thing I do know about Maisie Dobbs is that she always liked to drink her tea from a tin mug that was issued to her when she was a nurse on the battlefield during WWI. So today I found something that reminded me of Maisie and her tea mug....

Found this cute mug at the Farm and Tractor store
Behold this enamelware tea mug that I immediately turned into a flower holder in order to create a tablescape on the foyer table. 

I've just been looking for an excuse to use the flour sack tea towels that I was gifted when I retired. Rather than "saving them for good" it's important to use and enjoy them! So, I'm doing just that by using them, in this case, as the base for my table vignette. I added the enamel mug filled with flowers, some more flowers surrounding the mug, a glass candle holder and, of course, a Maisie Dobbs book! 

Perhaps I should call this the Dining Room Foyer Table?
I find it rather fun to feature my favorite books on the Foyer Table. And, yes, the table is still in the dining room. Do you think I should change it's name? Anyway, featuring books is a whole new way to decorate in my opinion. What do you think?

I hope you have enjoyed today's post. Sometimes fashion leads to home decor and vice-versa. And good literature can lead to both fashion and home decor. For those of you who are interested, I am including the link to Mademoiselle Miss which are letters from an American Nurse who served in France during WWI. Just like Maisie, she faced long, hard days of caring for wounded soldiers. I was amazed to find this site when I was doing research for this post, really looking for styles of that era. These letters are included in an online WWI Medical Encyclopedia and if you click on the red Medical Front sign in the upper left corner it will take you to that site with a lot more info about WWI. My grandfather served in WWI so I am interested in reading more about what his life may have been like during that time. 

From Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear-Book 1 in the series...
"Maisie went to the stove, poured boiling water from the kettle onto the tea leaves in the brown earthenware teapot, and allowed it to steep. She took two large tin mugs from the shelf above the stove, stirred the tea in the pot, then poured tea for them both, with plenty of sugar and a splash of milk. Since her time in France, Maisie had preferred an army-issue tin mug for her private teatimes, for the warmth that radiated from the mug to her hands and to the rest of her body." 

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Karen Anderson said...

What a beautiful, feminine top Debbie! I love the style and the floral print! You're so right, it will go with many things! I'm glad you mentioned the link to "Mademoiselle Miss" and will be checking that out! I also had a great-uncle who served in WWI, even had to pretend he was dead on the battlefield to avoid capture, so I've always been interested in the type of fighting they did (trenches - horrible) and that period in history. I am very much interested in War history in general, and I love reading about the women who participated in so many capacities. Your table is so pretty - what a perfect tin mug to go along with the series you are reading!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen: Thank you so much! I do really like this top and it is actually warmer than you might think so I feel it will do well in the Fall. That's really interesting about your great uncle and how scary to have gone through what he did to avoid being captured on the battlefield! I hope you and your family are all doing well. I'm glad you were able to go camping with your family. I haven't seen my family in WV since November and I don't really want to travel right now plus I'm worried about carrying something to family members who are at risk. It's a tough time right now and I think that has sparked my interest, even more, in the time of WWI and the flu epidemic of 1917-1918. Take good care!

Sharon said...

Your top is beautiful, Debbie! You choose such versatile clothing. I really like how you pair it with your long black skirt, but as you say, it would look great even with jeans. And I really like your black sandals as well! As a fellow Maisie Dobbs fan, I enjoyed seeing how you featured the book on your table. It's the perfect Maisie look. I'm looking forward to exploring the Mademoiselle Miss link that you included.

Clearissa said...

You are so good to get dressed so pretty every day. Since I have been working from home, I have been spending a lot of time in pajama pants and tank tops. :) You make me want to do better.
I love the little mug. It is adorable on your entry table. So cute.

Iris said...

Oh my goodness - I LOVE that outfit. I've been wearing more maxi skirts this summer as I find them cooler and more comfortable than pants of any kind. And I especially love the top. It looks comfortable and feminine.

Thanks for the WW1 info. I've bookmarked it and will read later. I love history and often think about how different life was then than it is now.

Enjoyed this post a lot,
Grace & Peace,Iris