Saturday, July 18, 2020

Wearing Tan and Black in the Summer and More

Tan and Black and Catching Up

Hello everyone. Here's a question for you. Do you wear colors like tan and black in the summer? I really have never designated certain colors unwearable just because the temps are warmer. I've always worn color combinations I like if I found outfits that fit the season. So today, I'm styling tan and black together which, for me, is a favorite color combination.

I have owned and worn this outfit for several years but I don't believe I've shown it on the blog before. The top is a sheer tunic that is longer in the back and sleeveless. I wear it over a thin black nylon top with short sleeves. It gives the impression of a seamless one piece top. The pants are skinny leg and soft. I own these in several colors and prints. They are one step above a legging and I like this fit better. I bought them several years ago at K-Mart and I'm sorry to say K-Mart is no more, so when these pants are gone, they're gone. 

This was such a comfy outfit to wear around the house the other day. I've been going through my summer closet taking note of tops, bottoms, dresses and skirts that I am wearing this summer. And it doesn't matter that I don't have a particular place to go to, I'm still enjoying outfits around the house. For instance, I went to the store this morning and I wore jeans and a shirt. I tend to change clothes when I get home if I have been inside a store. That seems to be my personal Covid rule. I also wash hands, face and glasses. Anyway, I looked through my summer closet and saw this dress. Remember when I styled this little black dress three ways?

It was such fun to style this dress three different ways
Well, this LBD is what I'm wearing right now as I type this. Although, I'm not wearing those beautiful heels. I no longer own them, sadly. They were just too high. I'm wearing my navy blue flat Skechers and a white sweater. I still love this dress, though!

And true "this and that" is the more I mentioned in the title of this post. 

I've been working on some more paper crafting. I created these pretty stationary cards using scrapbook paper, stickers and calligraphy stickers. I find an hour or so of this artwork to be relaxing and allows me to do my own thing with being creative. If you are like me and you don't feel like you have found a way to be creative, keep trying. Don't give up. I truly believe that everyone can be creative once they find the artwork that feeds their soul. I hope you keep looking for yours. 

And speaking of beautiful is God's creativity with this gorgeous zinnia on my back porch? The pansies that I had planted last April or May were looking really spent in the summer heat, so I decided to replace them. 

So now, instead of this...

It now looks like this with pretty pink vincas to compliment the zinnia, marigolds and lantana. 

And look at my garden plants! The cucumber, tomato and squash plants are growing tall and blooming, but still no sign of fruits as yet. Fingers crossed that it will happen! Please take a moment to admire the garden frame that the Mr. built so no critters could get in to my plants. It has done an amazing job keeping them out! I look each day to make sure that my plants are continuing to prosper and grow. 

And speaking of growing....I hope you find inspiration in the following scripture.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.

Until Next Time
May You Feel God's Peace and Blessings,


Clearissa said...

I loved this post. That LBD is adorable and I love it with the heals, but I'll bet it's cute with the flats as well. And your garden is gorgeous. I know you have a ball out there. This is just a pleasant and fun blog.

Sharon said...

I enjoyed this post. I wear tan and black in all seasons. It's one of my favorite combinations too. Your flowers are beautiful, and your vegetable plants look so healthy. The frame is perfect for them especially in your deer prone area. Finding a creative outlet is so important, and I agree that it takes time to find one's own "thing". I remember a friend who thought she wasn't creative, but she kept trying different things. After she took a watercolor class, she exclaimed that she had found her creative outlet. In the same class, I knew right away that watercolor was not my "thing" at all. Your paper crafting is just lovely.

Fashion Schlub said...

Hi Debbie!

I do love a good black-and-tan pairing, it's nice and crisp and classic.

We have one remaining KMart store, but it's way out east in the Hamptons, which is so surprising to me!

It's definitely good to find creative outlets. My challenge is making time for them - besides photography, I that just like I breathe.

Stay safe and cool!


Susan said...

Great post. Always busy and cheerful.

Joy said...

Crafting is such a relaxing and fulfilling thing to do and sp productive too. Really good fun. Your cards are delightful.

Iris said...

Love the first outfit. Great idea to wear the sleeved top under the sleeveless one. Don't know why I hadn't thought of that.

Your flowers are lovely and the little bunny made me smile. Hubby did a great job on the garden frame - it's all looking good.
Grace & Peace,Iris

Karen Anderson said...

I like your black top with tan pants! That's a favorite combination of mine also, no matter the season! It's nice to have so versatile a top, that you can wear sleeveless or with the shirt under (I really thought it was a short-sleeved top!) You look great! I always enjoy seeing your plants around your house! Thank you for including your yard in posts, it's so pretty! I thought of you this past week when I was in New York camping with my family - we had visits from black bears all but two of the nights! Unnerving for sure, but they were more interested in food than people, and we kept ours in the bear boxes or the cars so they left empty-handed from our camp sites! You have inspired me to get back to some crafting. When you mentioned it gives you time to just be creative, that is something I've missed doing since it's been so nice outside. Summer is flying and has been busy, so it will be nice to take some time to be still and do some fun crafting!