Thursday, July 29, 2021

Musings On Opinions About Fashion

 Opinions About Fashion

Hello everyone!  I've been musing this last week over people's opinions about fashion. Specifically, what women will often say about other women's clothing.

For instance, I was looking at Facebook the other day and this post came up which was really an ad. It was by a woman who was selling herself as a stylist for women over 50. She spent most of the post talking about what she called "outdated" clothing that women over 50 tend to wear. Things like capri pants and pants that are loose and don't hug our rears. 

This person also didn't like to see women wearing looser fitting tops (I'm assuming like tunics) as, according to her opinion, these type tops are aging and unflattering to menopausal tummies. Hmmmm.  As someone who:

a. is over 50 (and then some)
b. still wears capri pants
c. still wears some loose flowy tops 
d. has never liked tight fitting pants on my waist or my buns

I kinda took exception to this woman's ideas. My goodness, did someone send out a style memo to all the women over 50 and I didn't get one?!

I am more of the opinion that women over 50 should wear, first of all, what they like and, then, what flatters their particular body shape. All women are not created equal body-shape wise and it is important that they dress to flatter their shape and comfort levels and not what someone else thinks is right for all women of a certain age. Take the outfit I'm wearing today for example...

The pants I'm wearing are a cross between leggings and capri pants. The material is a bit spandex -like and very comfortable around the waist. Because of the spandex, I would not wear a shorter top with these capri pants. So, I chose a loose fitting Alfred Dunner tunic. I think it covers my bum appropriately and is loose fitting and comfortable around the tummy area. When I saw this tunic on Poshmark, I was attracted to the yellow background against the pretty multi-colored flowers. To me, this top just said "Summertime" and I couldn't wait to wear it. There are sparkly gems along the collar which add a little bling to the top. No necklace required! But, I did add some gold earrings and created a bracelet stack to compliment the outfit.

I like doing a little mixing and matching with creating a bracelet stack. I have really enjoyed these pink elastic bracelets from Paparazzi and liked adding some sparkle with my tennis bracelet. 

So does this outfit age me?  Personally, I don't think so, but you are free to decide for yourself. I'm comfortable and appropriate and wearing clothing that feels good and makes me happy to be seen out and about or here at home. I may not be following the latest trends, but, that's Ok by me. 

The main thing that the woman on Facebook said that really raised my hackles was that women who wear things like loose pants "don't care" and "aren't trying anymore" and have "given up."  What?  What?! I am here to tell her that I "try" every day and don't need to be in the latest trend (according to her and others) in order to look neat, tidy and clean. I have not "given up" just because I like certain articles of clothing that someone else has deemed "out of date." I mean, really!! Perhaps this woman is the greatest stylist in the world but if the clothing she picked out for me was uncomfortable on my body and colors or styles I don't like then is it worth it for me to be wearing it? for thought. 

Dear readers, I hope that each of you is wearing something today that you like and that you find comfortable. Ok, on to another subject entirely. How about some daily happenings?

Daily Happenings

Lately, I've been enjoying some delicious salads like this one that I added tuna and mini tomatoes to for additional flavor. I love the flavor of tomatoes this time of year.

I went to an outdoor music practice that The Mr. was involved with and enjoyed listening to the music and talking to the other musicians there. The food that followed was pretty good, too!

I've been enjoying keeping some store bought flower arrangements going as long as possible indoors. When flowers that are spent have to be tossed I just take what is left and put in a different vase. I love how the fuschia colored carnations and the green "something" plant look in this blue and cream colored pitcher. 

And, finally, I've been enjoying rocking with Cassie whenever she slows down enough to let me hold her in the chair. Cassie isn't much of a lap cat, although she loves to be close to us in the room. So when she actually sits for a minute on us it is extra special! She told me, though, that it is time for her to make her "rounds" of the house so she needed to get down as Garden was waiting for her at the Cat Cantina! Oh well, can't argue with The Cat Detective!

What's happening in your daily life? Hope you will let me know in the comments. Love hearing from you!

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Karen Anderson said...

Another reason I don't go near social media sites. When I did, I often got angry or felt diminished somehow. That got old so I deleted those sites. I don't miss them. This woman you mentioned was way off the mark. No, you definitely don't look old in this outfit. I love the summery top, and the Capri leggings are very stylish. For goodness sake, doesn't she care how many women she's offending, and who made her an authority anyway? I prefer real women who encourage us to be our best no matter what age we are, and who encourage us to wear what we feel confident in. Anything goes in fashion, right? It's supposed to be fun. That's why I read your blog. I think you look great?

Sharon said...

Well, I think the woman giving fashion advice is way off base. I see women over 50 wearing capri pants and/or flowing tunic-like tops all the time. I'm one of those women as well. I agree with you that wearing what we like, what fits our shape, and what is comfortable are what matters. I think your outfit is lovely; I especially like your tunic top. I enjoyed reading your daily happenings too!

Iris said...

Oh my goodness, it's fortunate that I didn't read the same post (about "fashion for the over 50") that you did. Needless to say - I'm waaaaay over 50, so it probably didn't pertain to me anyway, however. I NEVER wanted pants that fit really tight on my rear end and though I see them everyday, mostly I think they're disgusting. The same goes with tops. If you have to wear your clothes really tight fitting all over your body, you surely must not have enough self esteem to dress well.

That said - I LOVE the top you're wearing. I can see me getting a lot of use for that same top - as a matter of fact, I might try and find it. I think your entire outfit is very flattering. Please, keep up the good work.

Blessings, Iris