Thursday, July 15, 2021

To Hat Or Not To Hat and Backyard Visitors

 That Is The Question

To hat or not to hat....that is the question of the day dear readers!
I must admit, that I am never totally comfortable when I wear a hat. How about you? 

The thing is, I love how hats look on other people. I see women out taking walks wearing the cutest hats and it always inspires me to try to wear one. But somehow, I'm just not sure they are for me. I have a sister-in-law who says if you wear hats you must do it with confidence. Maybe that is my problem. I don't have "hat confidence." And then, there is the whole "hat head" issue when you take off the hat. My hair is always flat on top after I wear a hat.

I like this hat, though. It is a good size for keeping the sun out of my eyes. And the teal colored band around it adds a nice bit of color. 

There's also a little teal colored bow on the back which is cute. 

I wonder if this hat would stay on if it were windy? I once owned another hat and The Mr. and I walked around a nearby lake where it got very windy. So one day, I tied a scarf over the top of the hat and under my chin to keep it on. I got a few sympathetic smiles from people as we walked and The Mr. gave me one of "those" looks. I don't think it was my greatest moment in fashion history. I had seen other people do that very thing and they looked lovely. But alas it didn't work for me. See? I lacked hat confidence.

Perhaps I need a strap underneath to hold this hat on if it is windy. Remember when we were little girls and had the Easter hats with the elastic underneath to keep the hat on our heads? Yeah....I may need one of those. Somehow, I always end up feeling a bit like Minnie Pearl when I wear a hat. Although, I always cut off the price tag!

So, the dilemma remains. To hat or not to hat, that is the question. What do you think? Do you hat? Do you have hat confidence? Be sure to let me know in the comments, OK? 


And now something completely different and much more important than my silly thoughts about's time for more backyard visitors! A few days ago, The Mr. and I were returning home when we looked up from our car and saw a visitor on our back porch taking a nap.

A sleepy black bear had decided our porch was warm and cozy and the perfect spot for an afternoon nap! Said bear stayed for a very long time allowing us to take lots of photos from the safety of our kitchen. 

After awhile, the bear had finished his nap and awoke to do some stretching, some scratching and some bear yoga before lumbering off into our woods. The Mr. got a great video of him waking up. Enjoy!

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

What a great and entertaining post, Debbie! First, I love the story, picture, and video of your bear visitor! The video gives an "up close" view of a bear's activity, which I've never before seen. Next on to the question of hats. I also don't have hat confidence although I have really tried over the years to wear hats. I have never felt that hats look good on me. But several years ago, I was visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and really needed more protection from the sun, so I bought an inexpensive floppy hat. Later, both my adult daughters stifled a laugh when they saw me in the hat. Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks that hats don't "fit" me. However, I really like your hat, and I think you wear it well!

Iris said...

I LOVE HATS - I don't wear them that often though because of "hat head", or whatever you call it. I have so much trouble getting my hair to look like anything, the hat just ruins it. I do have a wonderful straw hat complete with big brim and a little tie that fits under my chin and holds it on. It was a gift from a neighbor who's hat I admired when he was working out in his yard. I do wear this one - but no one sees me when I take it off.

I love winter hats too, they keep my head nice and warm, but the same problem when I take it off.

I love the bear too, I can't believe he was taking a nap on your porch. Now I live in the country - but not "that" much country.

Karen Anderson said...

I love wearing hats but don't do it enough. I think your sister-in-law is right though about the confidence! You look cute in this hat and it looks perfect for keeping the sun off your face. I remember those little elastic things that went under our chins with those Easter hats!! That bear!!! It looks so relaxed, and the video is precious!! Looks like not a care in the world! I had a black bear visit my campsite one evening last week, rather unnerving I have to say! He appeared to be about the same size as yours. I still have that false sense of security once I'm zipped in my tent for the night! The bears aren't interested in the people, just hoping for an easy food theft. We keep everything in the bear boxes or the trunks of our cars. I'd prefer seeing them from inside the house too!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I saw the black bear photo on Facebook but didn't realize it was yours. I'm not really comfortable in a hat unless it's freezing. I really should be using one often here to keep the sun off my head, but I don't.