Saturday, October 2, 2021

Fashion, Food and Fall

 Sharing A Little Bit of This and That

Hello everyone! I hope that your October is off to a great start and you are beginning to enjoy some Fall colors wherever you may be. Our Fall colors are pretty muted so far and I have a suspicion that this year may not be the best color year for leaves. Anyway, in true this and that fashion, I have several items of interest to share today. First up is this new-to-me striped shirt that I purchased on Thred-Up. 

My Fall wardrobe was sadly lacking tops in the brown family so I purchased a couple recently. This top is tunic style and fits me really well. I'm already enjoying wearing it and think I will get lots of wear from it in the future. BTW, I deleted my Poshmark account and have decided if I buy used online, I will only use Thred-Up. The shipping is less on Thred-Up and, more importantly, items are returnable. Poshmark does not allow returns unless the item is not "as described" by the seller. Although the majority of my Poshmark purchases have been good, I have gotten "burned" a few times with items not fitting well, even though they were in my size range. That's really frustrating to have happen and not be able to return the items! 

Anyway, I'm enjoying the striped top very much. I will share the other brown top I purchased in another post. Before I move on to another topic, here is a pic of some leaves turning color near our driveway. See what I mean by "muted" coloring this year?

Have you jumped on board with designing charcuterie boards? They seem to be all the rage lately. We even have a local cheese shop that designs the boards for people to take and go! Mine looks pretty feeble, I know. For one thing, I'm only displaying fruit and nuts, but hey, I did it artfully!! Plus, charcuterie boards typically use a wooden board. Oh well. I thought I would give it a try. Adding some meats, cheeses, olives and breads would have added more to the arrangement. 

Now, this meal that I made recently looks really pretty on the plate and was also quite tasty as well as easy to make. It's a combination of long grain/brown rice with vegetables from a steamer bag added to white breast meat and topped with mandarin oranges. It's a complete meal on a plate with meat, veggies, grains and fruit all in one! The chicken breast I used is a pre-packaged premium white chicken by Starkist. The packages look like the tuna packages only chicken breast. I like to use these in quick meals. 

The Mr. and I took a walk around The Grove Park Inn golf course last Sunday and we snapped some photos. This is one of my favorite walks. 

As you can see, it was a gorgeous day and The Mr. did a great job capturing this pic with The Grove Park Inn in the distance. 

I always enjoy looking at the gorgeous houses that line the streets of this neighborhood. Many are historic and they are so pretty. This stone wall is just wonderful.

And, of course, I had to have my picture taken in front of my favorite house on the walk. I keep telling The Mr. that he is supposed to buy this house for me but, somehow, this just isn't happening!

And speaking of gorgeous houses, how gorgeous is this one?!  I showed this house to you in an earlier post when it was being somewhat renovated. At that time, it was yellow with white and now, as you can see, the yellow has become gray. It's such a stately home in the Montford section of Asheville. 
I do wish that the renovators had left the house yellow. I love gray and white together but I don't love the combination on this house. At the very least, I wish they had painted the porch rails white and not gray. It's just too much gray for my liking. But, they didn't consult with me did they?!

And, I guess that's where I'll leave it for this post. Except to wish each of you many blessings as Fall progresses. Be sure to leave me a comment. I love hearing from you!

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Karen Anderson said...

I enjoyed your photos from your walk! What a beautiful setting! You are wearing a heavy coat in the pictures...I was surprised seeing as how you are in NC! I guess it's different in the mountains. Things here where I am in Ohio are still green and it's still warm, so no fall colors yet. Seems a little late this year, but it's been warm. Your one-dish dinner does look delicious! Since I'm typically cooking for one, I like making meals like that and usually roast a tray of vegetables on the weekend to enjoy in much the same way through the week. I'm going to add fruit like you've done, looks wonderful! I like the striped top and can see how you'll use that in lots of different ways! Sounds like Thread Up is a better deal. Those gorgeous, but I wouldn't want to clean them!!

Iris said...

Love your walking tour of the gorgeous homes. I'm a sucker for the older, elegant homes.

Your stripped top looks really good. I would love wearing it except for the neck. I cannot find a top with a neckline that actually comes up to the back of my neck and it's one of the places where I stay cold all the time. I have found a couple of little 'undershirt types' that are high enough, but unless the weather is a bit cooler they make an outfit too warm. Ahhh, woe is me. :-)


Sharon said...

I enjoyed your "this and that" post, Debbie. That striped tunic is such a good find. I'm always drawn to striped clothing and fabric. Your board with fruit and nuts is inviting, and the dish you made with all the food groups looks delicious. It was fun to see the houses and the views from your walks. I also enjoy looking at different styles of houses and the ways they are painted. I hope our fall colors are nice, but in any case, I'm enjoying the beautiful days we are having right now.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Ladies: Hope you all are OK with my replying to each of you in one post.

Karen: Thanks so much for your reply. When we took the walk we were in a really cold snap and I felt like I needed to wear a coat. Of course, I got hot during the walk and ended up carrying it! I'm with you, I wouldn't want to clean those houses. Somehow, I think the owners have help!

Iris: Thanks so much for your reply. Have you tried wearing either scarves or dickies with your tops so your neck won't get cold? I see that dickies are still available on Amazon and I think I may have seen them on the Blair clothing sight.

Sharon: Thanks so much for your reply and I'm glad you enjoyed my this and that post. I enjoy posts when I just catch up on many things with my readers. I hope our Fall continues to be warm and pleasant.