Sunday, October 16, 2022

Visiting Asheville Parade of Homes Wearing A Houndstooth Jacket


Hi friends!  One of the things that The Mr. and I enjoy doing each Autumn is visiting homes that are part of the Asheville Parade of Homes. This is held each October on the first and second weekends and the homes we visited have all been lovely. I have snippets to share with you and there is even a bit of fashion involved! Many thanks to The Mr. for his photographic skills with these pics. The pic above features blue and gray against gorgeous hardwood floors. I love the color combination!

All of the houses had pretty bathrooms and interesting lighting throughout. 

The showers in some of the homes were absolutely huge! This one went all the way to the ceiling. 

I'm always partial to blue and white kitchens. In our first house we painted the kitchen cabinets blue and I thought they were so pretty. This style looks crisp and clean doesn't it?

In past years, the homes we toured featured walls that would open up. This year the focus seemed to be super tall windows and doors that almost reached the ceilings. It made for lots of light and views but I think they would be challenging to keep clean!

The Mr. and I both really liked this wallpaper. The fixtures look great next to the wallpaper in this guest bathroom.

These fixtures were pretty cool looking, as well. 

This house was so interesting. Part of it looked like a log cabin. And on the inside there was an eclectic mix of chandeliers and pot bellied stoves! So fun. 

There were many interesting decks and porches. This interesting outdoor fireplace caught our eye. Very unique compared to other outdoor fireplaces we saw. 

And, oh, the huge walk-in closets we saw! With lots of room for shoes and hanging clothes and lots of drawers. No dressers or bureaus in the bedroom would be needed with these big closets! It certainly creates more floor space in the bedrooms.

We toured homes on more than one day so that is why you see me in two different outfits in these pics. The flowered top and ruffled blue jean skirt in one of the above pics was a bust fashion-wise. I'm definitely going to need to work on that outfit because I don't find it figure flattering at all. But, I did want to share this houndstooth jacket with you. I bought it off Poshmark a few months ago and this is my first time actually wearing it and I really like this look! The jacket has a velvet collar which I like. To me, this jacket is a little retro. I remember having a couple outfits with velvet collars in the 80's and I liked them very much. So, this outfit is a winner in my book. The cut of the jacket is slimming compared to the ruffled blue jean skirt and top. I like outfits that look structured and I feel I look better in them. I think it may be time to do another overhaul of my closet looking for more structured tops. 

What do you think? Are you a fan of structured tops like me? How about taking home tours? It's fun to see what is new and different with each year's homes being built! I hope you are having a beautiful Autumn season. Be sure to talk to me in the comments! Love hearing from you.

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Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

You look fantastic in this outfit, Debbie!! Love it!!

Sharon said...

Visiting the houses on Parade of Homes sounds like a fun thing to do. I remember those jackets with a velvet collar. I had one too! The jacket you are wearing is lovely. I like the color and the shape of it. It looks really good on you.

Iris said...

Oh, I loved your outfits. Wasn't crazy about the houses - just not my style. They do look like they offer a lot of storage and lots of light.

I liked both your outfits. The one with the skirt looked really comfortable (I'm all about comfort lately).

Glad you got a chance to tour the homes.
Iris said...

I think I have only been to a Parade of Homes once but how I love seeing inside model homes and should make the Parade of Homes an annual activity. Our house was built in 2008 and has very dark wood cabinets and caramel colored walls. All very dark but that was the style at the time. Now grays and blues and clean, light colors are in vogue. But we can't afford to do our whole house!! Hoping dark and warm colors come back in style soon!!

Love your houndstooth jacket outfit. You look especially put together and stylish. Your bag is adorable with it. I think the denim skirt and top are both cute, too. Just might need a more fitted top with the flowing skirt. Or maybe a cropped cardi on top? Or the top tucked in? You have a darling figure and it doesn't accentuate it!!

Wow, what views outside these windows. Love the fall colors changing in the trees. We are having a beautiful gray, cool fall day here. Love love love!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Debbie. And thanks for stopping by!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon. It seems like styles from our earlier days still appeal to me. I saw an old show from the 70's last night and was admiring the women's leisure suit styles again. They were fitted and looked good I thought.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks for stopping by, Iris. I have to admit that the houses were a little ho-hum to me too. But, I did love the storage and the closet space!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Leslie for stopping by and for the tips for the skirt. I'll definitely give it another try with more of a streamlined top of some kind. Colors in homes definitely go through seasons don't they? I'm sure the warmer colors will be back before we know it!