Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Winter Decor, Shackets and More

 Little Bits of This and That

silly metal snowman

Hello friends!  Today, in true "this and that" fashion, I'm sharing several things with you. I did do a little more winter decorating and thought you might enjoy and get some inspiration from what I have done. This is a favorite silly snowman that I leave out all year in our downstairs family room. I moved him up to the foyer to have pride of place on my little foyer table. There is an opening on the back for a tea candle to be inserted so I placed a flameless candle inside to light up prettily at night. I think the snowman's colors, big shoes and crazy hat are just hilarious and add the right touch of winter humor to the table!

Here's a glimpse of how the foyer table looks at night with the snowman glowing and the Amazing Grace lantern shining forth from the bottom tier. The foyer gives off such a warm glow when the lights shine forth. And you know that light is an important word to me this year!

winter wreath

To add a little winter to the front door, I decided to hang my ice crystal wreath that I fashioned a couple years ago. You know I love the blue and the ice crystals add just the perfect touch pinned to the styrofoam wreath. This was probably one of my easiest and most favorite crafts that I have created over the years!

blue and cream shacket

And now, on to something entirely different. Have you jumped on the "shacket craze" yet?  I bought this shacket for myself, actually before my birthday, and then decided to delay gratification until Christmas. So, I wrapped it up for under the tree. I am so very happy I bought this for myself! It is extremely soft, warm and cozy and the blue/tan goes with several tops I own. I just love it. I had a shacket from years and years ago (probably the last time they were in style 20+ years ago and called something else!) and I had worn it to the point that the material had worn down to the nub and there were balding patches on the sleeves! I truly wore it out! So, I'm really happy to have this cross between and shirt and a jacket to wear once more. (Still not sure I can part with my old one, though! 🙄🥴)

On the day I took these pics I felt like adding some jewelry to the look. I'm wearing my silver disc earrings and the blue crystal butterfly necklace that my wonderful AIG friends gave me for a retirement gift.

You can see the necklace a little better in this pic. So pretty and I treasure it. 

bears at my back door

In other news, here's a visitor we had at our back door the other day. He wanted to know if Cassie would like to come out and play. She decided to decline the offer. 

pancakes for breakfast

Yesterday, I woke up craving pancakes. I set to and whipped up a batch and I couldn't resist snapping a pic of how mouth watering they looked on the plate! They were delicious, if I do say so myself, and I enjoyed every bite. I use a Heart Healthy Bisquick mix and add milk rather than water. I also always add vanilla to the mix which I think creates a delicious flavor. Sometimes, I only use egg whites, which results in less fat/cholesterol as well as a thicker pancake. Yesterday, I added a whole egg, however.

The Mr. has done a good job keeping me in fresh flowers since my birthday. These were purchased for our 40th anniversary. They smell wonderful and are staying fresh for a long time. I still have some of my original birthday ones on the mantel. I just keep taking out the dead flowers and changing up vases and adding fresh water and some of the flowers go on and on. I do enjoy fresh flowers during the winter time when there are no pretty live flowers in my back porch planters. It cheers me up no end!

black and white cats

And finally, Garden says that since Cassie was in the bear picture that I need to put a picture of her in the post. So, here she is looking cute on our living room rug. You know how these clever cats are.....they both demand equal billing!!

And that's it for a little bit of this and that in my life right now. How about you? What's happening in your life that you would like to share? Any bears at your back door? Cats on your rug? How about pancakes for breakfast? Be sure to let me know about your "this and that" happenings in the comments. I can't wait to hear from you!

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

Your "this and that" posts might be my favorites although I always enjoy whatever you post. Your winter decor is lovely. It's a great idea to light up our darker winter days with candles and lanterns. I really like your shacket; it looks so cozy. To answer your questions: No bear at my back door although we have had one recently in our yard knocking over our compost bin. Yes to a cat on rugs and everywhere else in our house. Our cat has many favorite spots in our house. Yes to pancakes for breakfast. I enjoy pancakes once in a while, and my favorite way to eat them is to add a few blueberries to the batter!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Sharon: Cassie and Garden send their best to Enzo and want him to continue finding special spots to nap all over your house! I'm glad you enjoy my this and that posts. I really enjoy writing them and sharing what I have been up to! Blueberry pancakes sound delicious although I typically eat my pancakes plain. Have a wonderful week!

Iris said...

Oh, I love your snowman - the light looks so inviting. Also love the "shacket", though I'd never heard the term. It looks deliciously warm and comfty.

I'd probably have a stroke if I saw that bear at my door. He does look pretty handsome though and I LOVE seeing the cats. Thanks for sharing both cats AND the bear.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Iris: I do love my little foyer table decor and that snoman makes me smile each time I see him! The cats are doing well although Garden can be a little naughty at times!