Friday, March 8, 2024

DIY Spring Wreath and Planting Pansies

 Flowers Inside And Out

Hello friends! Hope everyone's weeks have gone well and you are looking forward to the weekend. My week has been spent doing some crafting and some outdoor flower planting. So, I am going to share those items with you in today's post. We have been blessed with some lovely days this week as well as some rainy days. And that's life isn't it? You have to take the rainy days along with the sunny ones. So on that note of wisdom, let's get started!

I decided that I would like to try my hand at fashioning a new Spring/Summer front door wreath. I knew that I had lots of faux pansies on hand from past years as well as some ribbon, so it was just a matter of purchasing a new foam wreath form from Dollar Tree. I thought that this yellow ribbon would be really bright and cheerful for Spring, so I wound it around the foam form securing it with tape at various intervals. As luck would have it, however, I didn't have enough ribbon to cover the whole wreath so that decided for me the way I would attach the flowers. I used a wire cutter to cut the stems on the pansies really short and pushed the leftover stem into the foam making sure to layer the pansies over each other as I worked. After adding the amount of pansies that I thought filled the wreath fully, it was just a matter of tying a lavender lace hanger at the top of the wreath and then placing it on our front door. I'm pleased with the result and this wreath achieves the cheerful look I wanted to add to our Spring foyer display. This is not a great big wreath. But, I prefer the smaller size wreaths anyway. 

Yesterday was such a sunny and warm day that I felt inspired to do some outdoor gardening. After a stop at Lowe's to pick up mostly pansies, we headed home and I got started with the planting.

I am experimenting with planting a Primrose this year. The card that came with it says it is deer resistant and frost resistant. I'm trying it out just to see how it goes. If anyone has had experience with planting a primrose I would like to hear any thoughts you have. I love the bright yellow (I guess I'm into yellows right now!) and felt it would be a lovely addition to the back porch flowers for Spring.

 I mostly ended up planting pansies in our back porch containers. I know from previous experience that pansies can take the plunging temps and varying weather conditions that come with Spring, so hopefully these will do well. I must admit that I feel joyful each time I look out the back door and see my flowers once again! The problem will come when it is time to plant more summer-type flowers and I won't want to remove the pansies. They start to look really spindly once the hotter temps of summer arrive. Such are the decisions a gardener must make! 

As I planted the flowers yesterday, I couldn't help but think about the descriptions of Spring flowers made by my favorite British author, Miss Read (aka Dora Saint). In her book, "The Year At Thrush Green," she writes:

"Soon yellow primroses would star the woods, and the daffodils would blow their trumpets in the gardens of Thrush Green. Yellow, gold and green, spring's particular colours, would bring hope again after the bleak black and white of winter."

Flowers do bring hope, I feel, after the cold and gloominess of winter. Spring is my favorite season and, although it's not officially here yet, I am already beginning to enjoy all that this season has to offer. 

I'll close with this recent pic of me with my boy, River! He loves sitting on this large boulder in our backyard and I joined him there the other day. He's turning into a good boy and learning and growing every day. 

Flowers are appearing on the earth.
The season for singing has come.
The cooing of doves
is heard in our land.
Song of Solomon 2:12 NIRV

Until Next Time,


Joy said...

Pansies are beautiful, aren't they. There's so many lovely spring flowers bursting into colour now - just gorgeous. xx

Iris said...

Love your wreath -- and all your flowers. I do love to see flowers, but I'm definitely not a gardener. I've spent many springtimes buying flowers for my deck around this time of year and watching them die because I didn't take care of them (they do need watered occasionally). Both my grandmother's and my mother were excellent flower growers and gardeners. Sadly I didn't get that gene. Love looking at someone else's though.

Sharon said...

Oh my, how I loved this post! Both the flowers you planted and your wreath are beautiful! I could feel spring through the computer screen. I really enjoyed your Miss Read quotes, and it was fun seeing a picture of you and River.