Friday, March 1, 2024

Easter Decor and Catching Up

 A Little Bit Of This And That

Hello friends! Wow, it's been awhile and I figured it was time to catch up. Since today is March 1st, I decided to go ahead and share some of my Easter decor on display around the house. I love to put out our fun decorations and, this year, I have a new bunny to add to the display. The bunny holding the tulips is a new purchase from Cracker Barrel. When I saw it I knew it was what I had been looking for in bunnies. A sweet expression, wooden and with colors added via the tulips. This display looks so cute on the foyer table.

And this display is on the bookcase/radio cabinet in "my" room. 

The colorful little wooden bunnies on the tiered tray are so cute and I added in the carrots from Dollar Tree just in case they need a snack! And as I have mentioned in years past, my Easter decor must include the sweet little Easter baskets that were made by my Mom and one of my sisters many years ago. I smile each time I walk into this room and see this display!

And these are the cloth bunnies I thrifted last year and am enjoying so much. I love the fabric on these bunnies and decided they would look good in this gray woven basket. At least for now, this is where they will be residing. 

In other news, I may be a bit early but I have been wearing Spring/Summer colors lately like this fuschia colored sweater that I paired with a blue turtleneck to wear to lunch the other day. I'm channeling Spring with these brighter colors!

And speaking of Spring, how about the colors in this gorgeous tunic? The colors and flowers in this tunic just said Spring/Summer to me. It took me a few try-ons to find how to best style this top but I think I have got it figured out. Playing in your closet and trying on different pants with a top is a good thing!

Aren't these roses gorgeous?! They still are looking good over two weeks past Valentine's Day. Thank you to the Mr. 

The Mr. has been busy lately performing. He recently played a concert at a local church for a music club. 

It was a lovely church with very good acoustics for the concert.

He spoke in between the pieces, giving the audience information about the musical selections and composers. He did a great job and I'm very proud of him!

I want to share these shots of Cassie taken by The Mr. We call these her "glam" photos. She is a very photogenic cat and so sweet. She has decided she loves our dog, River, and follows him around the house. They sometimes touch noses which is really sweet. Especially since he is so much bigger than she is. 

And finally, nothing major, just some good food I have eaten recently. This was a spinach salad with a side of carrots paired with morocan style falafel balls. It was quite tasty!

And when I'm in need of comfort, there's nothing quite like a veggie plate at Cracker Barrel. I call this meal choice the "Aunt Beulah Special" because it reminds me of the foods that I used to enjoy at my Aunt Beulah's house when I was growing up. Such wonderful memories of times gone by and this particular food was extra delicious that day!

So that pretty much catches us up on life recently I believe. I hope you enjoyed the Easter Decor and the general "this and that" info of how I have styled life recently. I'm very sporadic with posting these days so the best way to know when there is a new post is to either follow me (see follow me button at top of right hand column) or to subscribe and you will get an email when there is a new post. Otherwise, just check back regularly to see what's new on the blog. Let me know if you are doing any Easter/Spring decorating at your house. Or wearing Spring colors. Or........anything else you'd like to share! 

Until Next Time,
Debbie (This and That)


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I love you new Bunny and your sweet Easter decor!! Pretty Spring colors that you look good in...I hope you have a great weekend!!!
Debbie-Dabble Blog

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Debbie! I enjoy seeing your decor as well. You display such beautiful items all year long in your home! Take care and enjoy those sweet granddaughters!

Sharon said...

I enjoyed your "this and that" post as I always do! I enjoyed seeing your Easter decor, and I especially like your new wooden bunny holding the tulips. You look so ready for a new season in your lovely spring colors. It has been so warm that it seems like spring is officially here. I'm getting ready to cut daffodils from my yard to bring inside and put in vases. Spring is definitely my favorite season!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Sharon:
Yes, I noticed our daffodils are blooming as well! Shrubs and trees have buds on their tips and things are definitely looking toward Spring. Hopefully, we won't get a big cold snap that kills everything.

Ann said...

Your bunnies are adorable, Debbie and I had to giggle at your kitty photo-bombing in your tunic pic. Such cuteness! Have a great rest of your week!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Ann. I wondered if anyone would notice Garden in the background of that picture,lol!! Have a great week.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I loved catching up with you. Your life is filled with sweet moments that made me smile. Pet your furry family members for me.

Iris said...

Always enjoy your "this and that" - and your seasonal decor. Especially like the bunnies. Your kitty is adorable too. All in all an interesting post. Hope you're enjoying getting ready fo spring.