Thursday, March 28, 2024

When Accessories Become Artwork

 Accessories You Can Wear Or Use As Artwork

Hello friends! Something you may not know about me is that I occasionally enjoy accessories and clothing that are a bit on the unique side. Today, The Mr. and I enjoyed walking around Black Mountain, NC and I visited one of my very favorite shops for finding unique accessories. The shop is called Periwinkles. I saw this unique "scarf" hanging in the display window and decided it needed to come home with me. This unique scarf was created by the shop's owner. Because I own several other scarves that are different from what we might expect a scarf to look like, I decided to experiment with ways to use these "scarves" in additional ways other than wearing them. You might think some of these ways look silly but, after looking at shop displays today, I feel that these ways are great and will hopefully get you thinking in some new ways to use your own accessories! 

I think this scarf hints at a unique pastel "Easter egg" arrangement when placed in this woven basket. 

And with the bunnies sitting in front of the basket, the look is just right!

I purchased this unique scarf/necklace last Easter and have enjoyed wearing it throughout the year so much. 

I decided the colors were just right to decorate a Spring/Easter tree on top of my dining room curio cabinet. The pastel colors match quite well with the Spring snow ladies on either side. 

 And, I've had this purple/pink necklace or woven scarf for a few years and love the colors so much. Like the other scarves I'm showcasing today, this one is very lightweight and easy to wear with many outfits.

I decided it might look pretty and add some additional color draped around the woven basket with the bunny inside. The colors all compliment each other in this arrangement which could carry over past Easter and into the rest of Spring and Summer. 

Colorful bunny to add to my Springtime decor

It's fun to think outside the box with what we own and how our belongings can be used in multiple ways. What accessories do you own that might have been purchased to use in one particular way but that you might find lots of other ways to use? Share your thoughts in the comments and have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Debbie, What unique and creative ways to use scarves! I learned something new! Happy Easter, friend!

Anonymous said...

I love your Easter scarf but as a fashion and home decor accessory. You’re so creative! Happy Easter!!

Sharon said...

What a creative way to use accessories! It is making me rethink how I can use items in different ways around my house!

Iris said...

Oh my, you do have some unique "scarves". Love all the colors and your ideas for them.