Sunday, April 7, 2024

Easy DIY Springtime Tablescape Vignettes

 Three Different Table Vignettes for Spring

Hello everyone! There's nothing like a Sunday afternoon spent experimenting with different Vignettes for our round kitchen table. I really enjoy creating vignettes out of items I already own and seeing how these items can change up the look of different stylings. The base for each of these vignettes is a colorful felt placemat that I purchased awhile back at Michael's. In this first vignette, I topped a blue stoneware plate with a wooden bunny with blue flowers and ribbon around its neck. Another smaller blue bunny stands guard nearby. This vignette is simple and yet very Spring-like. 

Next up, I replaced the plate and bunnies with some lovely carnival glass pieces that one of my sisters gave me years ago. This sugar/creamer set sits on a carnival glass tray and gives a bit of a vintage vibe to this vignette. Note how both of the vignettes so far carry out the blue theme of the felt. 

Now, in this third vignette, I carry the blue theme through by using a blue Blenko water vase. However, the green silk flowers in the vase pull out the green color of the leaves on the felt base. I really like the green and blue combination of colors which adds layers of interest to this vignette. 

And, finally, in this fourth vignette, I decided to put all of the items together for one interesting styling. I did add an additional small green bunny to balance out the green color of the flowers a bit. Notice the angle of items from left to right with the taller items to the left angling to the shorter items on the right. While I love symmetry, sometimes asymmetrical is the way to go with table vignettes!

Of course, Cassie always likes to lend a paw when I'm creating vignettes. Her opinion always counts when it comes to table stylings. But what is your opinion? Which table vignette do you like best in this post? Have you been creating any Springtime stylings in your own home? I can't wait to hear from you in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

They’re all sweet, but the blue vase with green flowers is my favorite. Thanks for your inspiration . I need it!

Sharon said...

What fun to spend an afternoon creatively styling vignettes for your table! All of them celebrate spring in such pretty ways. My favorite is the blue vase with green flowers. The flowers bring to mind hydrangeas which are my favorite flowers.

Iris said...

Love the all - including your asssistant. Everything looks like spring!