Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quilts, Blogging and Friendship

Handmade With Heart

Hello Everyone!  Today, I am excited to showcase the quilting talents of my friend, Sharon.  You have heard me speak of her on the blog before when I wrote my post about the gingerbread houses at the Grove Park Inn and when I shared my retirement party. I am blessed to be friends with this wonderful and talented woman and I'm doubly excited to also share that you can learn more about her on her very own blog I hope that you will hurry on over to her blog and read all about her quilting and the stories that go with her quilts. But, don't leave quite yet, because I want to show you the beautiful mini-quilts she gifted me with as a retirement present. I am beyond thrilled with this touching gift of four handmade decorative quilts. Each quilt represents a season. Let's look at each quilt more closely. You will be amazed, as I am, with the beauty and quality of her work.

This is "Winterscape."  I love the shades of blue on this quilt and the wonderful snowflake buttons.

This is "Spring Tranquility."  The pinks and greens are such gentle Spring colors. And look at the butterfly favorite!

The bold colors of summer are showcased in "Summer Blooms." This quilt speaks to my appreciation of flowers. 

"Autumn Days" is reminiscent of the Fall harvest. I so enjoy looking at the combination of colors on this quilt that hint at the changing leaves of the season. 

Although these mini-quilts are designed for individual display, I felt that they are too lovely to show just one at a time. So, I asked Mr.thisandthat if he could build a rack for all of the quilts. You can see the resulting rack and quilts displayed proudly in our foyer. I especially like how he built the rack so each quilt has its own "section." He's kind of a handy guy to have around! I must say that these quilts have added not only beauty but also warmth to our home. These quilts are truly a gift that is "handmade with heart."

How about you?  Do you like quilts?  Are you a quilter?  I hope that you will leave a comment, I so enjoy hearing from you.  And, please be sure to visit Sharon's blog.  Let her know Debbie sent you!

Until Next Time,

Sharon and Debbie

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Karen said...

These are beautiful! I love the season idea. The way you have them displayed is just perfect, over the door like that. What a wonderful gift, and it shows that Sharon understands you and what you like! I'll be checking out her blog. I am a quilter and seamstress (I use the last term lightly although I do sew a lot of my own clothes). I enjoy the process of creating a quilt, from planning, to choosing fabric, to the actual handwork. Just lovely work Sharon has done!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen: How wonderful to know that you are a quilter and seamstress! I wish I had that talent. Sharon has gotten me interested in sewing and so I "dabble" at it, but produce nothing like her beautiful sewing. I know you will enjoy her quilts and her stories!

Andrea Nine said...

So pretty! Sharon is a real talent. Beautiful designs and what a lovely photo of you two beauties!

Sharon said...

Thank you so much, Debbie, for showcasing my quilts and my blog. Since I am such a newbie at blogging, it really helps to have your support and encouragement.

Rita said...

Debbie, thanks for sharing Sharon's quilts. I have a love for quilts. I would make quilts if there were enough hours in a day.