Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tunic, Leggings and Boots...The Cover Story

Tunic and Leggings Got You Covered?

(No payment or compensation of any kind has been received for stores or brand names mentioned in this post. All writing/opinions are my own.)

I haven't worn a tunic and leggings on the blog in quite awhile. My last post with tunic and leggings was here and that's quite awhile ago.  To be honest, I'm always a bit worried when I wear this look that it is age appropriate and that I'm "covered" in all the right places. 

This tunic is just a hair shorter than the tunic in my earlier post. I am also wearing leggings that are a bit thinner although they are fleece lined for warmth. 

I'm not a fan of showing "back views" but, as you can see, the bum is covered. I have always read that it is important that ladies of a "certain" age make sure the derriere is covered when wearing tunics and leggings. Oh my goodness, let's get to another image quickly!

Part of my hesitation with wearing leggings with a tunic comes from the "dress code" teachers have at school. We were asked at one school not to wear leggings except under a skirt.  So, I have typically worn this tunic with slacks. I  do love the color combination, though, of the purple/mauve tunic with the color of the leggings. I'm not sure what color to name the leggings. What do you think? There are lots of flecks of "sparkly" colors on the tunic ruffle around the neckline and hints of grey and rose throughout this tunic. So, I could wear many different colors of leggings with this top. The tunic was purchased on sale at Cracker Barrel, as was the tunic in the earlier post. I love waiting for their 40%+ off sales and shopping for clothes then at Cracker Barrel. There are great bargains to be found there!

I want you to see a better close-up of the buckle on these knee high slouch boots purchased at Stein Mart. They are quite comfy with the flat sole. I have worn these all day on several occasions and done just fine.  I'll share the brands below for you to browse if you like. 

Because the tunic ruffle was already pretty "blingy" I didn't want to overdo with jewelry. So, I chose a pair of Paparazzi earrings to complete the look. Now that I'm retired, I don't have to worry about "dress codes" so I may be sporting this look a bit more often. These particular leggings are very comfortable. They were purchased at Walgreens. I will say that I purchased another pair that day in black that had raised designs down the leg. When I wore them I was driven crazy pulling them up all the time! Very uncomfortable!! These particular leggings are not like that all. They stay at the waist where they are supposed to stay. Don't know why there was such a difference. As I recall, there were two different brands that I purchased. I do know that you can't always go by the size information on the package. I tend to go up a size to make sure the fit is comfortable. 

So, do you enjoy wearing tunics and/or leggings? Do you prefer another look? I can't wait to hear your thoughts, so I do hope you will take a moment to leave a comment. If the questions don't appeal....just talk to me!  Your comments make my day! 

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Tunic:  I cut tag out so brand name unknown: Many pretty choices here at Cracker Barrel.
Leggings:  I bought at Walgreens, brand unknown. Search Walgreens sight for choices available. 
Boots: I purchased Baretraps style at Stein Mart: Similar here at DSW.

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Karen said...

I love tunics and leggings. Like you said, to keep the look classy, it's important to remember that leggings are not pants and should not be worn as pants. We need to make sure our choice of top covers our back end. I have read where fingertip length or longer is good. You styled your leggings perfectly. (I'd call the color wine, or berry.) I like different color choices in leggings. I do love them and wear them often. I need a few more tunic tops! Thinking ahead to spring, cropped leggings are on my list too (with longer flowy tops, like your butterfly one!)

Debbie Styles Life said...

Good choice on the color name for the leggings--I think wine/berry is perfect! I like leggings, but they have to be a certain material to feel "right" on my legs. Some fabrics don't feel good. Just a strange thing with me, I guess. These are very comfortable, though. Wish I had kept the info on the brand to share with others. Thanks, Karen!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I just wrote an article for Sixty + Me on leggings for us older women (last I looked it wasn't published yet, but I expect it to be anytime this week)! It's funny how we learned or heard a certain rule...and it sticks with us for so long!
I think you look fabulous in this outfit, and the rear shot is great! Heck, I always laugh that we may not want to show the rear view on the post, but a ton of people in real life see it!!

Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond said...

I love tunics and leggings however where I live winter is fairly mild so I don't have many opportunities to wear them. They look great teamed with boots! Thanks for sharing at #OvertheMoon

Ginger Wroot said...

I had no idea Cracker Barrell had such cute tunics! Your outfit is so adorable! --G

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Jodie:
I checked for your article on Sixty+Me and didn't see it yet, but I did enjoy reading the online magazine. I had not heard of it before so thanks for the info about it. I'll keep checking back for your article. Have a great day!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sue, for your kind comments. I always enjoy the party at #OvertheMoon!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Ginger: Definitely check out Cracker Barrel if you have one in your area. I think you will enjoy their clothing selection!