Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Valentine Foyer Decor...and Other Simple Pleasures

Finding Joy in Simple Pleasures

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your week is off to a good start. Today on the blog, I'm talking about simple pleasures. You know what I'm talking about, right? Those small things that we do or see or enjoy that bring us happiness. None of the things I'm sharing with you today are huge events or elaborate decorations. But, that's the point. Sometimes there is great enjoyment and fulfillment to be found in simplicity. First off on my simplicity tour is the infamous foyer table.

Last year, I was much more into the bright reds for Valentines decorating. This year, I decided to keep it a little simpler with a couple of cute and colorful gardening snowmen (or snow-women, actually) a red flower and this cute wooden plaque that says "with all my heart." I found the plaque at A.C. Moore for half price and fell in love with its simple message and muted colors. It's the type of decoration that works well for Valentines but also other months of the year as well. I like how the decor has pink, red and muted pink undertones throughout.

This primrose flower adds the expected Valentine red to the look along with the lovely green leaves and the unexpected pop of yellow with the container. 

In keeping with my simplicity theme, I chose to not put a table cover on the foyer table, but enjoy the beauty of the wood color. To me, the foyer table is simple and tasteful looking. A look that gives me joy.

And now, let's move to the dining table for another look at simplicity. You know that recently I have enjoyed more elaborate arrangements on the dining table such as here and here. But, when the flowers in my last arrangement finally had to be tossed, I contemplated what was left from the arrangement that I could still use for winter. And that's when I spied the pine cones. What could be more simple, and beautiful, than a simple arrangement of pinecones? I chose an antique milk bottle I found on an antique hunt in my hometown in WV to use as a vase. Remember when milk used to be delivered to your door in glass bottles? Talk about simplicity!! With this type of simple arrangement, the eyes are able to focus on just one item of beauty, rather than on multiple items as is usually found in a flower arrangement. 

This arrangement is reminiscent of Ikebana style. I am able to focus on the beauty of the pinecone scales against the clear glass of the milk bottle. Simple beauty indeed. 

And now, let's talk about the simplicity and joy that comes from baking your own loaf of hot, crusty bread!

I remember so well coming home from school, as a child, and seeing loaves of bread on our kitchen counter left there to cool by my mother. The house smelled heavenly and biting into a warm slice slathered with butter was delight indeed! That memory has stuck with me over the years and I vowed that, in retirement, I would take the time to fashion my own loaves. Using one of my mother's original loaf pans adds to the joy of baking my own bread. 

There is something quite therapeutic that comes with the mixing and the kneading of bread. The aroma of wheat and yeast combines into a delicious aroma that arouses my poetic senses. 

To quote Miguel De Cervantes, "All sorrows are less with bread."  Poetry indeed!

And finally, one more simple pleasure. The joy of watching wildlife and nature from my back door. Whether it is a gray squirrel looking for seeds...

Or the bear family having a party in my backyard.....

Or a fiery sunset on a winter's evening. Nature out my backdoor is beauty and simplicity at its very best. 

And now, it's your turn. What are your simple pleasures? I do hope you will take a moment to share. Your comments are blessings-and simple pleasures-in my day!

Until Next Time,

*All images photographed by Debbie Ross and are property of debbiethisandthat.com

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Karen said...

Those bears are just precious! What a delightful thing to be able to watch them like that! I get a lot of joy out of nature too, things like sunrises and sunsets, just love those things. My favorite place to be is out in nature just enjoying all the beauty we are blessed with. Your foyer table is just right for February! The little touch of red with the toned down colors, I like the simplicity! I'm glad I took time out this morning to visit your blog. I am facing a horrific day at work and this reminded me to step back, take a breath (get 30 cups of coffee) and realize that things will eventually work out. I am reminded of the verse "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." And today I need simplicity AND that truth!!

julie Wunder said...

Life really is about enjoying the simple things! Can't believe you have a whole bear family! WHOA!
Love the table this year!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen: So glad you came by the blog this morning and found some inspiration for your busy day! I'm sending prayers that your challenging day at work has moments of peace and tranquility for you. Blessings!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Julie: So glad you stopped by! Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, we do have a bear family that comes by every so often. I enjoy watching them from INSIDE the house! Ha!

Sharon said...

I agree that simple pleasures can bring joy and contentment. Your post reminds me to pay attention and not let those simple pleasures go by unnoticed.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Sharon: I need to pay attention and not let those simple pleasures go by unnoticed, as well.

Andrea Nine said...

I can just smell that bread a baking now! Love a beautiful sunset and those bears, oh my! It's definitely the little sweet things in life that make me happy!! Love this!!