Thursday, December 28, 2017

Royal Blue Fur Collar Cape for the New Year Celebration

Celebrating In Royal Blue

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How are you celebrating the New Year? Are you ringing in 2018 with a big party, a small celebration or a quiet evening at home? I'm celebrating by shopping my closet for a beautiful and warm royal blue fur collar cape.

The cape is made of fleece and the faux fur collar and unique square button at the neckline add a stylish touch. Unlike other capes I've seen, this cape also sports pockets!

Like I've mentioned on the blog before, the color blue just makes me happy whenever I wear it! I could have chosen other colors such as tan with a leopard color, red or even purple. But, this blue just kept calling my name when I finally made a decision to purchase after several months of looking at these capes at Cracker Barrel. 

I'm also really excited to share these Abella pumps, a recent DSW purchase, with you. I finally found a truly, truly comfortable pump that I can wear!! The rounded fabric toe, cushioned insole and low heel all work together to make a classy looking shoe that I can walk in without teeter tottering and being miserable! Such a great find at a reasonable price, plus I had a five dollar birthday coupon to reduce the price even more. Score!

The nice thing about capes is they can be dressed up or down with no problem. Go casual with jeans and boots or formal with dress pants or a fancy dress and heels. Capes are such a versatile piece to own. Go look in your closet. Do you have a cape? If not, no worries. You can get a similar look with a shawl or even a pashmina scarf or blanket scarf. And, if you're in the mood to shop, you can get this same cape on sale right now at Cracker Barrel. Check out my link above! 

You wanna know the best thing about capes? You can twirl in them! Wheee.......Happy New Year!

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Sharon said...

What a beautiful cape, Debbie! It's nice that the cape is so versatile. It looks warm too with that faux fur collar.

Denice said...

Oooo now I need a cape. I love to twirl!

Denice said...

Ooo now I need a cape! I like clothes that twirl! I've commented before but am unsure if they are showing up.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

what a fabulous cape---that fur collar just makes it so elegant, Debbie!!
Happy 2018

Samantha @FakeFabulous said...

Fabulous colour and SO twirly!!!

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