Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Shop Your Closet for Blue on Blue Layering

Layering Shades of Blue

Wearing blue always makes me feel happy. Blue is one of my all time favorite colors whether it be for clothing, furniture or other decor! I enjoy wearing layers of color and today's post is all about layers of blue.

Here, you can see I'm layering a navy turtleneck with a sky blue zip up vest and a medium blue patterned scarf. The blue jeans add another dimension of blue to the outfit. 

I tried just wearing the turtleneck with the vest but found that the scarf really pulled the look together. Go look in your closet for items that you have in different shades to see how you might create a layered look. How about shades of brown, pink, purple or red or green? Layering similar colors adds depth and texture to your style, so give it a try! Only 4 more days until Christmas! Time is flying by. I made it through the grocery store today and was determined to get every food item I needed for the holidays today because I know it gets crazier the closer it gets to Christmas day! It's a short and sweet post today, but I hope it gives you some ideas for layering color!

Until Next Time,


Karen said...

This is really a great idea and I'm going to be trying it! I like how you have the different shades rather than matching. Have a wonderful Christmas Debbie!

Ashley cramp said...

Hi Debbie!
blue is my favourite colour, it looks beautiful on you too!
best wishes and happy holidays

Sharon said...

I really like the blue family too, and your entire blue outfit looks great! I especially like your scarf. Great idea to blend different shades of the same color.