Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Stylings In Brown with Knee High Boots

Comfortable Boots and Striped Long Vest

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Today's styling showcases a rich dark brown top, pants and boots with a grey/brown striped long fringed vest. You have seen the vest on the blog before when I styled a Southwestern look pairing the vest with corduroy pants. 

The stars of this style show, though, are my new Franco Sarto knee high boots. They are a recent birthday gift from the Mr. and I absolutely am thrilled with owning them! Not only are they stylish to look at but they are very comfortable! The gold buckles really add a nice touch to the overall look. I was lucky enough to find these on sale at Stein Mart, but the link I'm sharing is to Amazon. (Not an affiliate). When I bought these boots I told the Mr. that he had bought me my birthday gift and then I hid them away in my closet until my birthday came. We do this a lot for birthdays and Christmas. We each pick out our gift and then give it to each other to wrap for birthdays or Christmas! After almost 35 years of marriage, we have found this plan works well, although the element of surprise is taken away. We always like what we get, though!

The colors of the vest add such a nice contrast to all the brown. To me this is a perfect color combination together. 

This extra long Paparazzi necklace adds a touch of sophistication to the look. The necklace is called "Enmeshed in Elegance." The chunky brown bead bracelet adds nice balance, also. The boots and vest support chunkier and heavier jewelry. Balance is important when deciding what jewelry to pair with clothing. 

The Mr. did surprise me with some beautiful flowers for my special day. 

And he also brought home this decadent chocolate cake. Oh my, it was delicious!! And, definitely worthy of being called decadent! I haven't met chocolate I don't like, but this cake has quickly become my favorite chocolate delight. I wish you could smell the deep and rich chocolate aroma. 

What's happening in your world? Hope you will take a moment to share. I always enjoy hearing from you! 

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Maria said...

Those boots are exactly what I am looking for! I need a pair today, will hea out today to look.Maria

Karen said...

This is such a great look Debbie! I love your boots, and the idea of buying your own gifts is great too! Surprises are nice sometimes, but not necessary by any means and like you said, you get what you want! Those are great boots and a classic that you'll have forever! The vest looks completely different today from the other time you styled it. Isn't it cool how wearing different colors with it can change up the look entirely? It's such a stylish vest and does look wonderful with the boots and the brown shirt! Sometimes you don't realize how good things look together until you try and then you have found a whole new color combination! That cake...oh my!!! I'd have demolished that one! It looks so pretty how it is decorated, and the flowers are also very pretty and nice especially for a birthday close to Christmas! Happy Birthday!!

Sharon said...

I like every detail of your clothes, boots, and accessories in this post! It was from you that I learned the phrase "shop your closet" and it seems you have done that a bit to put your vest together with other pieces. That cake looks so delicious. I'm curious as to where Mr. Thisandthat found that cake!

Jacqui said...

Hi Debbie, I think your outfit all works together so well - it's sophisticated but relaxed. I love brown and all its tones. I really like your boots too. As for putting away a birthday present that you've chosen - I've done exactly the same thing - and I think it's a really good idea. As for chocolate cake - like you, I can take chocolate in pretty much any form and love it. As you described the aroma of the chocolate, I was actually finding I could smell chocolate!

Jessica Jannenga said...

Love the vest Debbie! and love the boots. I am a fan of Franxo Sartos designs. what a nice time out and mmmm, that chocolate cake looks delciious!
thanks for linking!
jess xx