Monday, February 19, 2018

Dreaming of Spring...Dresses and Things!

Doing A Little Spring Day Dreaming
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There's nothing like a little unseasonably warm weather to get one dreaming...about Spring and all the things that can go with Spring. First off, lighter, brighter the dress and filmy scarf wrap I'm wearing in the above picture. I love this color combination. How about some other pretty Spring dresses? Let's go "dream" shopping and see what we can find.

Three Quarter Sleeve Shift Dress with Self Belt
How pretty is this floral dress with 3/4 bell shaped sleeves? It really says "Spring" doesn't it? Bell shaped sleeves seem to still be "in" this season.


And how lovely is this paisley print faux wrap dress? I love the price points on both of these dresses on clearance at Stein Mart!


Wish I had someplace to wear this dress!  I wonder how I would look in that ruffled hem?!  This is more expensive than the other two, but oh so pretty!


I do believe that this light blue striped dress would look great as is or paired with white leggings. What do you think? The half sleeves are bell shaped. Love this style!

Finding anything so far you like for Spring? How about shoes?

Cigola Flat

I like this pink flat a lot. Don't know if I could wear that pointed toe or not, but it's a lovely Spring color!

Betunia Loafer

Hmm...what do you think about this leopard print?  Leopard print is certainly trending right now. Not sure how "Spring like" this is.

Lole Sandal
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OK, couldn't wear these in a million years, but, we're only dream shopping, right?!  Do you ever try something on just to see what it would look like on you even though you know you wouldn't buy it? Yep, me too!  Wouldn't these look smashing with that light blue striped dress with the bell sleeves?! (And I would be smashing down the stairs wearing them!)

Softey Slide Sandal

Uhhhmmmm...I don't think so. Although, these are probably very comfortable. 

Camerolona Pump

Ooohhh, now I really think these are pretty! Maybe I could wear them since they have a block heel? I think these would go well with the ruffled hem hot pink dress. 

Neda Sandal

OK, this is more like it. I think I could wear this slip on sandal with either of the print dresses or the light blue striped dress. Plus, I wouldn't fall down wearing this block heel. Score!

How about if we finish off with some handbag shopping? 


I really like this blue tassel clutch. Very pretty. I'm always drawn to blues.


This is a nice floral bag with a longer strap. The colors are very Spring-like!


Love this hot pink tote. I still enjoy carrying a tote with a smaller bag inside that I can pull out and carry into stores. This would work well with that. 


This smaller dome satchel would be a practical choice for both hand carrying and wearing on the shoulder. And...the flowers and colors say, "Spring!"

Well, this dream shopping spree is coming to a close. Which of the dresses, shoes or purses was your favorite?  Didn't find anything you liked? No problem. The great thing about "dream shopping" for Spring is that you can do it whenever you like at no cost to you! 

Hope you'll let me know what you liked. I love your comments!

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Lay said...

I love the blue striped dress (I would try that with white leggings).I like the wrap dress a lot, too, but just can't wear dresses above the knee anymore. I really like the flowered pump and can see me wearing it with black pants, the foundation to my getting dressed for church to brighten me up! Lastly, the done flowered purse is great! I font think about choosing s purse to brighten up my ensemble so that's for that great idea, and three others, too! I'm gong to try to find that blue striped dress or one very similar. Thanks for sharing, Debbie, as always!

Mary K. said...

So many pretty dresses. And the colors are just lovely, just what we need to usher in the springtime.

Sharon said...

Looking at all this lovely attire makes me feel like spring is right around the corner. This is a fun post! My favorite is the blue striped dress.

Karen said...

What a FUN post!!! The dresses are so pretty, I'd have to go with the one with the ruffle on the bottom! I don't know where I would wear it, but I'd almost create an event to be able to get this!! The first one for work, definitely. and the shoes, love the pink pointy toe flats and those striped heels!! The blue clutch purse for sure, such a pretty color! I'm SO ready for spring and seeing these styles really puts me in the mood to lighten up my wardrobe! Might be transitioning early this year!!