Friday, February 23, 2018

Socks and Sandals and Heels, Oh My!

Fashion Risk Taking

I can imagine a few trains of thought that readers might take with today's fashion post. One might be, "Oh dear, Debbie has reached that age where she thinks it's OK to wear socks with sandals." Or perhaps, "Oh my, Debbie's sense of style is quite European today!" Or maybe even, "Ye Gads, what was she thinking?!"

No? None of these? Whew! That's me sighing in relief. Actually, this outfit came about because of this wonderful warm weather we keep having. I decided I wanted to wear a dress today, but felt like my legs might be chilly if I went bare legged, so I added black leggings under this Faded Glory brand shirt dress that I  picked up several months ago at Walmart. The dilemma then became, what will I wear on my feet?

I had bought these euro soft by Sofft sandals at the end of the season during a trip to DSW and they have been hanging in a shoe bag all winter just itching to be worn! I was anxious to see how they would feel being worn for several hours, so I was happy to oblige. The only problem was that I'm not quite ready to bare my toes to the is still February after all!  So, I decided to extend the leggings look by adding black socks to the mix. Not sure that I "love" this look but, you know what? My feet were pretty darn comfy while I ran around doing errands and the sandals also match my tote bag nicely! The color of the shoes and bag also is found in the dress pattern which blends everything together nicely. Still....I know....socks with sandals.....hmmmm.

It was even warmer when I got home from running errands, so I decided to snap a few more photos. Only this time I ditched the sandals (and socks!) and went with my Abella pumps instead. I'm really enjoying owning this pair of comfier heels. The heel height is just right for me.

The bad part of having such warm temps in February is that you know we're going to have more cold weather. And, it will be so disheartening when that happens! I've been seeing daffodils in bloom! They are already talking on our local news about how the "Blizzard of '93" occurred in mid-March. I don't know that we'll have a blizzard (I certainly hope not!) but I know more winter weather will come. I have to admit that I like this look a little better, with the heels rather than the sandals. But, even though these are comfy pumps, I was more comfortable in the sandals. That's what happens, I think, as we age. At least for me. I would rather be comfortable than stylish. 

So, let's have one more look. What do you think is best?

Socks with sandals.....

Or dressier black pumps?

What do you like best?  What would you wear?  Hope you'll leave a comment and make my day happy!

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Lay said...

What to wear on my feet is ALWAYS an issue for me. No wonder women have so many shoes! I've not considered wearing socks with sandals and probably wouldn't, but if they were comfortable, I say go for it! After all, being able to walk comfortably is as important as looking cute. That's why have so much trouble figuring out what to wear! Thanks for sharing part of your day and your shoe choices with us!

Debbie Styles Life said...

I'm with you, Laura. Shoes are always a dillemma for me! I love the look of certain shoes but can't stand to be uncomfortable. You always have cute shoes on!

Sharon said...

I have trouble with my feet from time to time, due to an old injury, so I almost always vote for comfort. When shopping, I have to bypass so many cute shoes that I would have once worn. I think I have been forced to face the comfort vs. style debate earlier than it usually occurs in life. As far as your choice of shoes, I say go with what makes you happy!

Nancy Andres at Colors 4 Health said...

I'm all for comfort and style as well. Think of it as making a fashion statement...your own.