Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mid-Week Inspiration: Finding Hope

A Little Bit of Hope

It is rare that I go a whole week without blogging. But, in recent days, my mood has been so gray that I just didn't feel like putting forth the effort. I've had a little bit of a "pity party" although I hate to admit to it. The winter months are always depressing to me and my shoulder woes have added additional irritation, along with a few other bits that I won't bore you with. If you have ever suffered through feeling the "blahs" and walking around teary eyed, then you know what I've been feeling. 

I feel a bit guilty even admitting to having these feelings, because, in the scheme of things, I have so much to be thankful for in my life. But, the dreary days of winter can lead to dreary moods. And, yes, having a chronic pain in your shoulder doesn't help! Sometimes, just reminding yourself over and over that you "shouldn't" feel down doesn't help. It's actually much healthier to "feel what you feel" and admit to it. So, that's what I'm doing.

I'm happy to say that today has given me renewed hope. The sun is shining (hallelujah!) and the sky has been blue with mostly fluffy white clouds. And, best of all, we actually have temperatures in the 70's here in Asheville! 

I went walking at the North Carolina Arboretum today and reveled in the warmth and sunshine!  It was so wonderful to be outside and, although no flowers are blooming yet, I can think back to when I've been there and everything was in full bloom! Remember when I shared the lego exhibit that was at the Arboretum? Can you believe the butterfly and flowers in the above pic are all legos??!

Being outdoors surely lifted my spirits and I am happy to report that, for the time being at least, my shoulder has stopped aching. I know that this warm weather will not last (it's much too early)  and my shoulder will ache again, as my frozen shoulder has not yet reached the "thawing" stage. Dreary days will come again and there is more physical therapy in my future. But, how wonderful to have a reprieve! Today has given me hope, and that is just what I needed to get out of my blue mood. 

As I was driving to the arboretum today, these verses from Ecclesiastes kept coming to mind; 

"To everything there is a season.....a time to weep and a time to laugh..."

I've certainly been in a weepy season recently. But, today, I was given the gift of laughter, and happiness and blue skies and sunshine! I was given hope! And, I feel so much better for it. I know that, no matter what mood I am in, I am always loved by a mighty God, who stays with me through the gray days.....and the days filled with blue skies and sunshine!

What kind of day are you having? Gray and dreary...or bright and sunny?  Hope you will share!

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

Debbie, I'm so glad you are feeling hope today with the beautiful springlike weather. There is certainly an ebb and flow to life, but during the down times it is sometimes hard to remember or feel that the blue days will give way to sunnier times.

Karen said...

The seasons of life can be challenging. Winter is a tough time for me too, only our days of 70 degrees are months away yet. It does help me to get outside when the sun it out. Believe me, here where I live sunny days are few and very far between. It's so easy to get the blahs. When I am walking through a valley, I find it helpful to focus on the fact that God is there beside me. I talk to Him often. It won't make the weepy times disappear, and like you said it is best to acknowledge these feelings because we all have these times. I find it way, way more discouraging to hear someone say, "I never have a bad day!" You know it's not true, but to hear that, just really can make you feel worse. When we have a blessing, like you with the 70 degrees and a walk outside, we have to shift our focus to those things, just be thankful that God gave us that gift and soldier on. I hope you can get some relief for your shoulder. Chronic pain can really get you down and it definitely does impact our emotional state. I'm so happy you got the blessing of a gorgeous day!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. I hope you get some nice sunny days up your way soon!

Unknown said...

I too suffer from depression, anxiety and SADS. Don't ever apologise for what you feel. I'm doing so much better now, no depression at this time but anxiety can rear it's ugly head at any time. I've heard so many comments over my life such as you shouldn't feel like that, think positively, get out and do something and you'll feel better and more. I found it really helps when someone truly knows how depression affects you. I really feel for you and you are in my thoughts. If you ever need to chat I would be only too happy to do that. Sending lots of hugs your way!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Lindy, for your kind comments. Hope you are having a "sunny" day!