Thursday, February 8, 2018

Things I'm Delighted to Share

Short But Sweet..Things I'm Enjoying
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You haven't heard much from me this week, I'm afraid, as I've gotten sidelined for a couple of reasons. The online class I am currently teaching has been much more labor intensive than previous ones. This is a good thing as I have more students! The class is wonderful and I have been amazed at the thoughtful online discussion that is occurring. But, it is taking up a lot of my time which means less time for preparing blog posts! On a less happy note, I have had shoulder pain issues around my rotator cuff and am in physical therapy for six weeks! The physical therapists are thinking I have a frozen shoulder. I'm doing exercises multiple times a day to help with this. It's definitely an "Owie..."  So, today's post will be short and sweet as I share some things with you I am currently enjoying. First off, is the pillow that you see in the above picture.

Before things got crazy, I sewed this pillow with my own two little hands and I'm very delighted to share it with you! I have had this fabric for years and used it to create table displays. This year, I decided it was time for a pillow. Although it works well for Valentine's Day because of the hearts, the patchwork colors really go with any time of the year. I don't plan to pack this pillow away after Valentine's Day. It's the perfect size to spruce up our bed and to tuck behind my head or to prop under my sore arm. 

Next on the agenda: I'm back with Olay!  I used to use the original Oil of Olay years ago as a face cream. Then, my sister got me started with using the Clinique dramatically different lotion and I gave up using Olay. A year or so ago, I received the Olay Serum as a Christmas gift and loved it so much that it has now become my go-to face serum! I recently bought some of the original Olay lotion to supplement the serum. I love the way the serum makes my face feel and my makeup flows right on after applying the serum. I don't dislike the Clinique lotion, but the price keeps going up and I must admit some irritation over the fact that the stores that offer the "free gift" Clinique bags keep increasing the price point you have to buy in order to qualify for getting the free gift bag.  So, I'm back with Olay and delighted to share it with you! I will say, the serum is not cheap, but it works for me! The original Olay creme is about $8 bucks at our drugstore. It may be even cheaper at Walmart. I know the serum is cheaper there than the drugstore prices. 

Finally, I'm delighted to share these little stone garden critters with you! I picked these up at A.C. Moore and I just think they are adorable. I love the colorful flowers on them. It has been so dreary in January and, now, in February and I look for ways to bring some type of flowers into the mix. These are positioned on the porch table where I can see them as I work at the kitchen sink and as I stare at them the bunny and squirrel seem deep in conversation about something. What do you think they are saying to one another?!

Like I mentioned...short and sweet today! So, tell me, what are you delighted to share? Please take a moment to tell me!

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Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I like all your shares but am so sorry to hear about your arm. Sending you postive thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

Karen said...

Sorry to here you are having a rough time with your shoulder. Keep up that therapy!! Your pillow is adorable!! I wouldn't pack it away either, hearts are appropriate for all year long! How very cool you mentioned the Oil of Olay! I started using the original beauty fluid on the recommendation of my cousin in 1986. I drifted from product to product in recent years, even expensive ones, with no better results that the drugstore brands. Recently I went back to Olay just like you did. I LOVE the original and will have to pick up some of that serum. I haven't tried it but I'm sure willing to because I love their products. It's like coming home for me, going back to Olay. I know there are women who pay a bundle for lotions and potions and swear they help, but that has not been my experience. And I HAVE given them all plenty of time to show some results. I have tried different product in the Olay line, but none deliver any different results than the original beauty fluid, so I'm happily back with it. Take care Debbie, I'll pray that you feel better soon!

julie Wunder said...

Love that pretty pillow! I use the olay electric face cleaner thingy and really love it.
Your rabbits are adorable-- bring on spring!!!

Sharon said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Debbie. The pillow you made is beautiful! You must be pleased with it. My other favorites of your post are the stone critters with the bright floral accents on their sides. Cute! I'm glad you shared some of your favorite things with your readers. Best wishes for a speedy recovery with your shoulder.