Friday, March 23, 2018

Budget Friendly Guest Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Decor That Won't Break The Bank

Do you know that feeling you get when a room in your house just comes together and you feel good every time you enter the room? That's the way I feel about our guest bathroom decor. It makes me happy each time I look at it!

The decorating of this room didn't happen overnight, though. We've been in our house 15 years and have been working on renovation the whole time. Although this room has been complete for more than half of that time, the decor has continued to evolve. I recently added a couple of touches that has brought the room, in my opinion, to completion. And, I'm happy with the results! All of the item used to decorate our guest bath were either bought on sale, thrifted, inexpensive or of our own creation. Not a bad way to style!

This cabinet shelf contains so many favorite items and is a main focal point of the room. I like combining interesting items that draw the eye. Although the overall theme for this space is beachy a few extra items are included. The sign says, "Imagination has no age limit." I picked it up for a song at Big Lots. The scented cat /music notes pillow has an Albert Schweitzer quote, "There are two means of refuge From the miseries of life: Music and Cats." (So true) The fancy butterfly is actually a broken picture frame that I found laying on a shelf one day at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It didn't even have a price tag on it and when I showed it to a clerk he told me to name my price. I named a dollar! The little blue crab and seahorse are recent finds from Cracker Barrel and each one was only 99 cents! They are actually little salt and pepper shakers, but on the shelf you can't tell the difference.

This picture fits our beach theme and blue/white colors. It was on sale at Home Depot awhile back. Have you ever looked through their wall hangings? They have some cute things!

And this lighthouse scene was a souvenir years ago from a vacation trip. My husband framed it. 

perfect tile for baths and showers

And, speaking of Mr.thisandthat, I'm quite proud of his tile work. He has done almost all of the renovation himself on all three houses that we have owned! He gutted this bathroom down to the studs doing all of the work himself on walls, floor, tiles, fixtures, etc. 

William Ross photos

He's also a great photographer. These are a couple of his pics that I really like. I framed them and hung them on the wall. They add some contrast to the beachy theme.

Inexpensive rug from Walmart

I was so excited to find this rug at Walmart last week. It was on sale for $3! 

Unique uses for baskets

And speaking of great finds, how about this Longaberger basket that I found at Goodwill for one dollar! It works great as a magazine holder. Can you imagine...a Longaberger basket, in pristine condition, for ONE dollar?!

Inexpensive Bathroom Decor

I think "Serenity" aptly names the decor of this room. Every item in this room has happy memories and peacefulness associated with it. It's taken awhile to get the perfect combination, though. I think decor can't be hurried. When I see posts where people move into a home and within a few weeks or months everything is museum looking, I wonder how that is possible. And, perhaps, I'm also a little envious. Every house we have lived in has been a work in progress up to the minute we sold. And, this house has been no different. But, I sure do appreciate it when it all comes together! And when I saw this Serenity sign, homemade by a woman I worked with, I knew it would be displayed in this room! Decor also doesn't have to be expensive. Thrifting and looking for sale or inexpensive items that speak to you is a great way of adding individuality and serenity to any room. Are you into budget friendly home decor? How do you add serenity to the rooms in your house? Hope you'll take a moment to share! I would miss you if you didn't stop by!

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Clearissa said...

Very cute and it is serene. You did an excellent and so did your husband. :)

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks so much, Clearissa! We have enjoyed the process.

Nancy said...

You did a great job!

Sharon said...

I so enjoyed this post, Debbie! The decor in your bathroom is definitely serene and so pretty. I very much like to find sale or budget items for my home, but you have some unbelievable finds that you mentioned in this post. I think you have the knack of finding things and then putting them together so that it all works.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Nancy!

Debbie Styles Life said...

That's sweet, Sharon! I have had fun finding these "just right" items for this room!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

It's so coastal, I love that!

Mary K. said...

Debbie your bathroom is so sweet. It took me back to my village in Greece with all those lighthouses and seaside touches. I have chosen your beautiful bathroom makeover as my feature this week at Sweet Inspiration. Congratulations.