Friday, March 9, 2018

Cassie Cat Chat: Working My Paws to the Bone!

A Few Cat Tails Fur You

Cassie in Action
"Left paw, right paw,
Swing and POW,
Come on paws
Don't fail me now!"

Oh, Hello! Forgive my not noticing you were here before now. You see, I've been trying to squeeze in a few moments here and there to know, keep up with my paw-eye coordination. A cat can never put too much time into keeping up their catly skills, but, you see...well, I just haven't had as much time since coming to this house to take care of my own needs. I've been too busy trying to take care of my humans, "Love" and "Softie." Since I don't have much time to complete this blog post, I won't go into details again about how I came to name my humans. You can catch up with that by reading my introductory post. Let's just say that after living on my own for over a year, I had no idea how much work is involved in caring for one's humans! 

Not that I'm sorry that I have them, of course. I wouldn't trade them fur all the catnip in Europe, Asia and Africa! It's just that they seem to need so much attention. I'm literally working my paws to the bone! The work starts early in the morning with Love going to the kitchen to fix Softie's breakfast. To assist, I sit on the counter and supervise to make certain she is doing this task properly. To keep her in top form with balance, I will watch for her inattention and then silently move right behind her and lay at her feet. Her dexterity has improved greatly since I have begun doing this exercise with her! She rarely trips over me any more, thank goodness! She is lucky I am here to keep her on her toes. As for her eye/paw errrr.... eye/hand coordination.....I make certain that several times a day as she is putting clothing in drawers or wet clothes in the dryer that I leap and snatch these articles from her thus allowing her to snatch them back from me. I really am quite proud of her progress in these areas! These exercises also allow her to work on her vocalization skills, although I don't understand why she needs to yell my name quite so loudly. I'm not deaf, you know!

And then, I must also care for dear Softie. He is away much of the day, so I must work doubly hard when he returns in the evening. Luckily, I am knowledgeable enough to be able to combine some of my caregiving to fit both my humans. For instance, when Love walks down the steps to greet Softie when he arrives home I race in front of her feet as she walks down the steps and then I do the same thing for Softie as he walks up the steps. Again, dexterity for my humans is so important. I cannot emphasize this enough! 

I have also been working on fur-ther development of Softie's peripheral vision. For instance, just the other day as Softie was watching television while Love was preparing their food dishes, I cunningly leapt onto the placemat and drank out of Love's water dish. Poor Love was not happy when Softie told her what I had done and she dumped out her water dish and fussed at Softie for allowing me to do this. I can only say that, as a cat, I must accept some unintended consequences such as these in order to do what I must for my humans. It is a burden that I gladly bear!

Oh, I don't want to bore you with a detailed list of all of my tasks in this house. It is a long list, I can assure you! There is assisting Love with bed making, guard duty at the back door, furniture scratching to encourage Love's stretching and bending to move me personal favorite....watching ice melt in the kitchen sink. (OK, that last one doesn't necessarily help my humans. I just like to watch ice melt, OK?!)

Yaaawwnn...just talking about all this work tires me out! Maybe I can catch a cat nap on my perch while Love goes to the grocery store. I'll save my other tails for the next post. Wait until I tell you about the pencils...

Until Next Time,
Cassie Cat

Cassie Cat Sitting on "Love's" Lap


Karen said...

LOVE this!!!! So sweet and clever, and such outstanding writing! You, errr....Cassie should write a book!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen! Cassie says you are very sweet!

Sharon said...

I agree with Karen's comment. Cassie and Love should write a book! These posts are so clever and entertaining. Very well-written!!