Sunday, March 4, 2018

Winter Coat Sales and Flowers in Teacups

Winter Coats and Teacup Flowers

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Today I'm sharing a little bit of this and that about winter coats and flowers in teacups! Nothing like a little variety in a blog post, right? Let's begin with great sales on winter coats!

We have this great outdoor clothing and gear consignment store in town called, "Second Gear." If you're local, it's in West Asheville on Haywood St. They have super sales on outdoor winter clothing just about this time every year. Mr.thisandthat and I checked it out yesterday and you know I didn't come away empty handed! We actually scored several items but what I'm sharing with you today is this fantastic Patagonia Sweater Coat. I tried one of these on a few years ago and really liked it but convinced myself it was too expensive. Since all winter items were 70% off yesterday I snatched this one right up! I just love the brown color and buttons and this is more of the kind of coat I was looking for when I went coat shopping back in January and wrote this blog post. The site I'm linking to says the coat is sold out in natural but you might find it on another site. It's as comfortable as it is pretty and I'm pleased with my purchase! I love finding quality items at consignment prices with an additional 70% off. You just can't beat that!

To compliment the coat paired with my tan corduroy pants, I wore my chocolate colored Skecher booties

For good measure, I also added these fun Paparazzi earrings that you first saw on the blog here. Now, enough talk about Winter coats. Let's get a little more Spring-like with some pretty flowers!

In honor of the fact that March has arrived and in hopes for more Spring-like weather, I decided to arrange some silk flowers in a teacup. I have recently sent a couple floral arrangements to folks that featured real flowers in a teacup and I thought I would try my hand at creating such an arrangement here at home. I can tell you, it doesn't take long to fill a teacup with flowers! Aren't these dogwood blooms lovely?!

I had several silk stems left over so I popped them in this blue vase with leftover real filler flowers from the rose arrangement my husband gave me for Valentine's Day. Do you ever mix real flowers with silk? I think it works! Love the baby's breath and greenery with the silk flowers! Too bad my pretty roses died, but they don't last forever, do they?!

So, that's my take on coat sales and teacup flowers. What's happening with you? Do take a moment to share. I love your comments! And come back this coming week for more new posts. I have a great book to share with you and I believe that Cassie Cat has been sneaking on my computer to write a new Cassie Cat Chat post that you won't want to miss!

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Leanne said...

Silk flowers and a warm winter coat make a definite contrast across the spectrum Debbie. I love that you got such a bargain - 70% off is amazing and the coat looks really warm and comfy.

Debbie Styles Life said...

You're right, Leanne, I'm all over the place in this post! Never boring, right?! (wink)

julie Wunder said...

LOVE your new coat! It looks so cozy-- it's great that it is longer too. Hope you have a nice week.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful coat, Debbie, and at 70% off, it's a real find. I enjoyed both your spring arrangements--lovely flowers in lovely containers. I like the idea of using a teacup for blooms, and the vase is such a nice color.