Saturday, March 24, 2018

Weekend Inspiration-Doing All From Love

Words To Live By

As you go about your daily life do you ever think what motivates you? Sure, we all have reasons for doing the things we do; we need clean clothes so we do the laundry, we get hungry and want to feed our family so we shop and cook, we want our careers to go well so we go to work on time and follow the company rules. But, at the heart of all these things is the bigger WHY. What is our true motivation in all of this?

I Corinthians 16:14 reveals the answer to the big WHY. No matter how small or mundane the task or how big and important the job, we are to do all things from a place of LOVE. Think about how doing all the different things throughout the day might take on a sense of new importance if we think about its connection to LOVE. Perhaps the drudgery or boring aspects would suddenly disappear. Maybe the irritations with others would lessen. Is it possible that the very act of whatever we put our hands to will suddenly become acts of praise and worship to the living Lord when our motivation in all things becomes LOVE? 

As we enter into holy week, may we go forth remembering the sacrifice made by Jesus for each of us. And may our motivation in doing all things come from this greatest example of LOVE. 



Sharon said...

Thanks for an inspiring post, Debbie. I will try to be more mindful about my reason for doing those regular and ordinary tasks.

Lay said...

I love this verse and for the past month or so have been wanting to have it engraved on a bracelet to wear EVERYDAY to remind me. Your post has just given me extra motivation. Thank you!!!

Karen said...

I have to remind myself of this each day as I walk into work. Do my work to bring honor and glory to God, it can't have anything to do with me or it's going to fall flat. I have several prayers I keep for the very stressful days at work and stop to read them to remind myself that what I do isn't to lift myself up, it's to lift up Jesus and represent Jesus. You are so right, it certainly can change our perspective to do things out of showing the love of God to those we come into contact with!