Friday, May 11, 2018

Finding Joy in Simple Things

When Simple Brings Joy

Simple Beauty in Nature

So, after having a bit of a hissy fit earlier this week over my blog and changes it was going through, I have calmed down and am thinking of finding joy in simple things. Today, I'm sharing a variety of photos I have taken recently which represent simple things to me that can bring great joy to everyday living.
About a week ago, Mr.thisandthat and I took a hike through the woods with our cameras. It amazes me how much beauty there is in small things. Like this fern close to the ground.
Or spotted leaves that have fallen from trees.
Or even moss on a rock. The simplicity of nature's beauty in small things makes my heart feel glad.

Mr.thisandthat pursuing his two favorite things: hiking and photography
And I love sharing the beauty with this guy.

Perfect stack of pancakes by
Sometimes, simple joy finds me in my kitchen making the perfect stack of pancakes like I did earlier this week. There is something about making pancakes that I find therapeutic. Mixing the milk and eggs into the golden batter, adding fragrant vanilla for that something extra. Pouring batter onto the hot griddle, watching for the exact moment to flip the pancake. When the bubbles appear all over one side, I know it's time. I love seeing the golden brown color when I flip to the other side. Perfection.
And the first bite, dripping with butter and syrup is always the best bite. Simple things, simple pleasure.

Mama Bear and the Gang
Today, I experienced the simple pleasure of watching Mrs. Bear and the cubs in our backyard. We watched these cubs last summer when they were teeny tiny. Now, as yearlings, they are almost as big as mama. 

Does she know it's almost Mother's Day?
Mama seemed especially tired and heavy today, making me wonder if she is expecting yet another new set of cubs. She lumbered slowly about the yard, still keeping watch over her yearling cubs. If another set of babies is on the way, the yearlings will be encouraged to move out onto their own soon. But, for now, Mama is still watching over them carefully.
Little Bear seems to be saying, "I love you, Mama."

A Mother's work is never done.
And Mama seems to be saying, "I told you to take a bath before we left the den!"

Itchy bear.
Sometimes, you just gotta scratch!

Mama Bear nuzzling cub.
Mama's kisses are the best!  Family love.  Simple joys.

What simple joys are in your life?  Hope you'll share!

Until Next Time,

*Photography by Debbie Ross
*And special thanks to all the wonderful bloggers and readers who offered their support and advice with my blogging changes this past week.


Lay said...

Thank you for these sweet, sweet pictures and reminding me to ponder the simple joys in my life. Like you, I love walking in the woods and seeing Spring’s first wildflowers. In the last two weeks, I celebrated first sightings of a trillium and a may apple. Another great joy of my last week was getting to spend 7 days with my granddaughters, 5 of those days (the other two were in Durham where we got to see their ballet recital and a soccer game) spent doing all the simple things they love doing when they visit us in Asheville in addition to a big overnight outing to a water park in Pigeon Forge. From telling them “Cinderella and the Fart Machine” (my own creation that they have loved fro its first telling!) to making and decorating sugar cookies to water the shows they spend days creating, the joy of seeing them love life and nurture their gifts seems anything but simple. It’s a great gift that I do not take for granted.

Thank you for the opportunity to share your simple joys and mine. That is another joy in itself!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I agree the simple joys are the best part of life. Love Mrs. Bear's dialogue. If she has more babies this year, be sure and share photos.

Sharon said...

I'm going to remember this post so that I can come back to it again. Just reading the post was a simple joy for me. I find simple joys in nature too, and your post reminds me to spend more time in nature.

Karen said...

Those bears are precious, and how fortunate you are to see them so often! Your pictures are beautiful. Like you, I find so much beauty in nature and always take time to appreciate it. Even some weeds, seen up close, can be beautiful!