Sunday, May 6, 2018

Trendy Items To Buy or Not To Buy?

Deciding To Buy A Cold Shoulder Top

standing next to the azaleas wearing a cold shoulder top

Hello, Hello and Happy Monday! Do you ever have trouble deciding whether or not to buy a "trendy" piece of clothing? After all, trends come and go and we don't want to waste our hard earned money on a piece of clothing that will eventually go out of style, right?

cold shoulder top with pearl necklace

I've had that dilemma for awhile trying to decide whether I should pay money for a cold shoulder top or not. These tops have actually been on trend for quite a while now and I still had not bought one. At first, I wasn't sure I liked them. But then, I discovered that I liked the ones that had wider straps and just a little opening. Maybe I should call the ones I like "chilly shoulders" instead of cold shoulders! This top fit the bill on both of those counts and what really sold me on this top was the beautiful material and feminine ruffles! 

This is the kind of top that can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with. I chose jeans and sandals but added a pearl necklace and pearl drop earrings as accent pieces. The ruffles actually act as accessories so I could have gone without a necklace. Which way would you prefer--with or without the necklace?

Clark's sandals for women

I did some retail therapy shopping Friday evening and found this awesome pair of Clark's sandals. They fit like a dream and are actually called "cloudsteppers" because they have such a soft foot bed. I have a pair of eurosoft sandals that I taught in for years and they have reached a point where I just don't feel they can be worn more. These Clark's will make a nice replacement.

The final reason that made it "OK" in my mind to buy this trendy top is that the price was very reasonable. I found this top at Target on the clearance rack and it cost between $10-$12 dollars. I can handle that for a top that I know will eventually go out of style. I hope it doesn't go out of style too soon, though, because it is really comfortable and oohh the pretty materials and ruffles! 

So, the bottom line for me when it comes to buying trendy items is I only buy something that I truly like and know I will wear. And, I like to pay the most economical price for it I can. I don't buy something just because it is "in style." And, likewise, I'll keep wearing it for awhile if I like it. Even if it is still not in style. Case in point, I wore hose to church this morning because I thought my legs would be chilly without anything on them. And it is rare to see women wearing hose nowadays. I'm such a rebel aren't I?! How about you? How do you decide whether to buy and wear a trendy item? And do you continue to wear clothing that is not considered to be "in style?"

And, don't be so quick to get rid of those trendy items in your closet when they go out of style. I was watching an old movie the other day from the 1930's and lo and behold one of the actresses was wearing guess what...a cold shoulder top! What goes around comes around, especially when it comes to style!

Hope you'll respond with your thoughts. I love hearing from you!

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julie Wunder said...

LOVE IT! And I really like your approach to trendy items too-- I have to really like them too. This is perfect- love how feminine it is.

Karen said...

I like your top for the feminine touches of fabric and ruffles. I don't have one of these tops but have a more subdued type with slits down the arms, so if you raise your arm you can see your arm, but if they are not raised out to the sides it looks like a regular sleeve, albeit a little poofy! You look really pretty in yours! The Clarks are great. Everyone who has that brand loves them and I've never heard one negative thing said about them! They are definitely onto something with comfort! Many times I'll think I should get a trendy item to be "on trend," then I realize that I don't need it really or even want it, so I pass. But when something is going to get a lot of wear and I truly love it and it expresses my style, I'll do it. I think if it sends the style message we want to send, that's when we will feel most confident wearing it. Once again, gorgeous scenery around your house!

Sharon said...

I am drawn to the fabric of your new cold shoulder top, and I really like those sandals too. That brand is one that seems to be both comfortable and durable. I have a pair of Clark shoes that I have worn for several winters, and they continue to be so comfortable.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks so much, Julie! I love a feminine top.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. Your top you described sounds really pretty. Yes, the scenery around my house is pretty, especially this time of year. I just wish the azalea blooms would last longer!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon. I really like the fabric of this top, also. It is really what sold me on buying the top.

Maureen said...

Interesting post! I love this cold shoulder top that you bought. It's a pretty one! Great choice! I don't like to buy into trends but rather buy clothes that I know I will wear no matter what season or whether or not they are in style. My clothes mean more to me this way because I know that they are keepers rather than just for a season.

Maureen |