Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Starting Fresh with Email Followers

Here We Go Again!

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Ok, ..... Debbiethisandthat is starting "fresh" with followers by email. I am putting up a brand new "follow me by email" place to click on my sidebar and if you want to be alerted as to when I put up a new post, you will need to give your email address again. Just click on the "follow me by email"spot. My old feedburner has been deleted so if you received notifications of my posts before, you should not receive notifications now unless you sign up again. And, yes, I will be able to see what your email address is through the feedburner site that will be sending you the email when I post...BUT, I personally am not collecting your email addresses to do anything with them! I personally will not sell them or do anything else nefarious with them! Should you ever wish to stop following me you can certainly do that. Please see Google's updated privacy policy to learn more about their use/non-use of personal data. I do hope that this clears everything up with the new privacy rules. And, I really do hope that you will follow me by email so you never miss a post!

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Sharon said...

Thanks for being so conscientious with your readers, Debbie. I know it must have taken a lot to figure this out with the new EU requirements. You have really done your "homework" and helped other bloggers (like me) as well.