Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Friendly Tea Party and An Easy Craft

Teatime With Friends

There is nothing like an afternoon spent with friends drinking tea, munching on goodies and catching up with one another. 

That is precisely what happened this afternoon when these three lovely ladies joined me for a tea party at my home. Not only was I lucky enough to have worked with these awesome women but we also continue to be friends in retirement. 

A tea party takes a little planning and I had a fun time getting ready over the past few weeks. Like shopping for these cute plates and napkins at a local shop called Dreamweaver. 

And no tea party is complete without yummy cakes and sweets arranged on a tiered plate. This plate is an antique gifted to me by my husband's grandmother. I was so pleased to be able to use it for my tea party. 

This refreshing lemon/orange water was served in a pitcher that was a wedding gift when the Mr. and I were married. 

I enjoyed displaying some of my collection of teapots that I have picked up at antique stores and thrift stores. By the way, the teapot in the first picture of this post belonged to my mother-in-law and was part of her wedding dishes when she married my husband's father. 

And it was fun to use some of my Longaberger baskets and pottery on the food and beverage tables. 

I had fun yesterday creating this sign to display on the food table. Let me show you how I created this and perhaps you would like to make a similar sign. 

I started by gathering various stickers and scrapbook paper purchased at A.C. Moore, scissors and pencil.

I then traced around the back of the frame...

Cut it out and taped it to the back of the frame. I used a frame that was missing the glass. 

It was then just a matter of arranging the stickers attractively, sticking them on and replacing the back into the frame. And easy peasy craft anyone can do. I'm good with stickers!

And as you can see, I always have a furry helper nearby!

I wish you could have come to my tea party! How do you like to entertain? Do you cook and bake or keep it simple and buy your goodies? Hope you will leave a comment and share your thoughts. And Jeanette and Carolyn, if you are reading, we sure missed you!

Until Next Time,


Lay said...

You are a hostess with the mostess, Debbie! I love your teapots and sign and your table arrangemet. And those napkins and plates are gorgeous! I can imagine how special your friends felt because of all the special love you put into preparing for your time with them. Thanks for sharing your tea party hospitality.I'm going to use your idea for a tea party with my granddaughters during our next visit!

Karen said...

How lovely!! You had planned this down to the smallest detail and it shows - even making a special sign!! I bet they all had a wonderful time! I'm so glad you shared your party here because it is just one more of your ideas to tuck away to use in the future. I also want to stay in touch with friends when I retire and have thought of different ways to do that. This one is especially feminine and fun! I LOVE to bake and would love to prepare for something like this, but would also be up for purchasing the goodies, it would depend on how much time I had to get ready. Impromptu parties with purchased goodies are just as nice! I like lunches too, with a main dish salad and a few treats (like that wonderful bread you featured here), especially if the weather is nice enough to be outside on the porch. Wonderful post. Nice of Cassie to lend a hand on the sign! : )

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Laura. Have fun with your granddaughters!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. And Cassie lends a hand in just about everything I do! Ha!

Sharon said...

Since I was at the tea party, I can attest to how lovely everything was. Debbie, your attention to detail added to the beautiful table settings and displays of the delicious food. It was nice to read your post and learn even more about the dishes and teapots you used and displayed. The food was not only delicious but perfect as accompaniments to the tea. Thank you for hosting the party so that we had a chance to talk and laugh again with our friends and former colleagues.

Susan said...

I was also fortunate to be a guest at this special tea party. Debbie, your home is beautiful and welcoming. It reflects your and your husband's interests and handiwork. The refreshments were beautifully served as well as delicious. It made me feel special that you took your time to prepare this lovely tea for us. Even more important, it is so nice to spend time with friends who are such special people. Thank you so much for your hospitality!

julie Wunder said...

How much fun! I do love a pretty tea!!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Sharon, Susan and Julie for your sweet comments. I loved doing this tea party and, especially, having friends at my home.