Friday, August 31, 2018

How To Accessorize For Less

Economical Accessories

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you have probably caught on to the fact that I am an economical kind of gal. I love a bargain, but, at the same time, I enjoy looking nice. I just don't want to spend a mint doing so. In today's post, I'm going to share some of my "secrets" for how I economize when shopping for accessories. Now, I have nothing against having really nice pieces of jewelry or clothing. But, if you can find costume jewelry that looks nice, why not go less expensive sometimes? Take this pretty blue necklace, for instance. I already owned the silver necklace and purchased the blue pendant for a couple of bucks at A.C. Moore and put it on the silver chain. Voila-I had a beautiful new necklace!

Next time you're in your local craft store, be sure to check out their jewelry department. Most craft stores carry pieces that can be used to create jewelry. That's how I came to "create" this necklace. The beads were on closeout clearance and I purchased the necklace to string them onto on the clearance table, as well. For around $5, I fashioned this pretty necklace. See the little teapot charm hanging down in the middle? You know I like teapots!

I've written before on the blog that I am a fan of Paparazzi $5 jewelry, like the necklace you see here.

But, did you know that many Goodwill stores now carry jewelry, that is new and not used, for only $3? That's how I came to find this pretty bee pendant that I love. I've received many compliments when I wear it and no one suspected it was from Goodwill! Shhhh...don't tell!

And whenever I'm in an antiques store, which I enjoy browsing through frequently, I always check out their estate jewelry. Both of these pieces were purchased in antique stores for one or two dollars. 

Now, let's talk about purses. Remember my recent post about subtle ways to wear animal print? I introduced you to this leopard print purse by Adrienne Vittadini. Well, I have a little secret to tell you. 

This "purse" is actually a lunch tote. Yep, I carry a lunch tote as a purse. Who would know the difference if I didn't point it out to you? I saw this on "red dot sale" at Stein Mart marked down 50% off. I had a coupon to take another 50% off the marked down price. So, friends, I paid a whopping $2.80  for this leopard print "purse!"  Now, some of you may be thinking...."I would never do that! Carry a lunch tote as a purse?! What is she thinking???"

Well, I'm kind of thinking I prefer not to pay the $1,850 that this bag costs. 

Or, the $395 for this Coach Bag at Bloomingdales. (Although, it is on sale now for $276.50.)

In my humble opinion, there's not a whole lot of difference between the way my "purse" looks and these ultra expensive purses. Plus, if I want to carry a snack with me somewhere....I'm ready!

And since we're talking about using bags intended for other uses as purses, I'll tell you another one of my secrets. I purchased this "purse" about 4 years ago to carry as a summer bag and received many compliments. It just so happens that this purse began life as a makeup bag. Have you ever considered carrying a makeup bag as a purse before?! Have you looked at the makeup bags that are available now days? They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are absolutely beautiful! They are also typically much cheaper than purses to buy! I have carried this purse as is....

And, I have on occasion tied pink ribbon or a scarf to the handle for a little extra pizazz! I think it makes a very pretty summer purse. And, I get double duty out of it as a makeup bag when I travel!

Or, if you really want to, you could pay $123.50 for this Michael Kors satchel bag that I found on E-bay. I'm going to stick with my makeup bag "purse!"

And, finally, a word about scarves. These are some of my most favorite type of accessory! I have a fairly large collection of scarves in different colors and weights that I have acquired over the years. These are two of my favorites. And each was purchased for.....$1. The blue and white one on the left was a Goodwill find. The pretty Spring flowered one on the right was purchased at the Dollar Store. Neither one looks "cheap" in my opinion. I find it important to examine the scarves carefully looking for tears, stains, unpleasant odors and quality of material. Many times, I pass on what is offered at these stores. But, occasionally, I hit the "sweet spot" for finding a winner! I enjoy the "hunt" and feel good when I find an accessory that I love and enjoy wearing!

So, those are some of my secrets for finding great accessories. I guess they aren't secrets anymore! Tell me, have you tried any of my secrets before? Would you try them? What economical ways do you enjoy shopping? I hope you will take a moment to share. I enjoy hearing from you!

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Karen said...

I am inspired Debbie! These are great tips. I'm like you with jewelry. Always look for pieces at estate sales and antique stores. I've found things for 1 or 2 dollars many times. I love treasure hunting. Great tip on looking beyond an item's original purpose when shopping for handbags. It's true that you see so many pretty things that would work as a handbag. I'll pay more attention in that area after reading this. I rely on scarves a lot too, and look for them in all sorts of places! JoAnn Fabrics here where I live always has the jewelry clearance table where I've picked up pretty pieces. Their regular jewelry section is nice too. And if it doesn't last forever, no matter when you only pay a couple dollars, right? I'm newly inspired as I so often am when reading your posts!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

I'm thrilled that I inspired you, Karen! My hope for this post was to give you ladies ideas for awesome accessories at minimal prices. Thanks for reading and your sweet comments. Have a restful weekend!

Sharon said...

Well, just like Karen, I'm inspired too. I wouldn't have thought of using a lunch bag or make up case as a handbag, but now I'm going to keep an eye out for those types of things. I enjoy scarves as well and would like to add to the few that I have. I'm going to try and remember to look for them in the places you mentioned. Great post, Debbie.

Eclectic Red Barn said...

Great ideas for finding awesome accessories. I love that bumble bee necklace. I like going to Goodwill and looking around.
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