Thursday, October 25, 2018

Casual Styling For Lunch Out

What I Wore To Lunch-OOTD

Some days just lend themselves to kicking back with a casual style. Days like today, when I knew I would be meeting a dear friend for lunch and a long chat. 

If I had a daily uniform, this would be it. Comfy jeans, a soft shirt, a warm jacket and the most comfortable shoes I can find. It's a basic, laid back style that can be upgraded with the addition of jewelry and accessories. 

My red straw thrifted purse added just the right pop of color, coordinating well with the blue of the jeans fabric and the pink/salmon/brown plaid of the shirt. There are several layers that give texture, as well as warmth,  to this look. Notice the pink short sleeved shirt under the plaid blouse under the blue jean jacket. 

Then notice the addition of gold earrings and a gold necklace to give the upgrade to the casual style. I always feel that adding jewelry means I care to try a little harder to look nice when I am pulling together an outfit. 

The final layer would be these comfy multi-color shoes that hit the sweet spot in blending with the other colors of the outfit without giving a "matchy matchy" look. Not that I have anything against matchy matchy, per se, but I feel this look works together. 

This is a casual look that is easy to copy if you're looking for a similar laid back style. I'll bet you can shop your own closet and find similar pieces. If you are wanting to shop, however, I'll add the links below to the pieces I'm wearing. ( Or at least, similar pieces). This is not a gifted or affiliate post. The links are just for your own information and browsing enjoyment!

I enjoy getting dressed up every once in awhile but this look is my "signature" Debbie look. How about you? How would you describe your signature look? Would you wear any of the pieces included in my OOTD? Hope you'll take a moment to leave me a comment. I love hearing from my readers. And, btw, have you signed up to follow me by email? You know you want to, so you'll never miss a post! Just look for the spot on my right sidebar to add your email address and submit. And please remember to look for the first email that will ask you to confirm you want to follow me by email. Some folks forget that step (or the email goes to spam) and you don't get the emails when I post. If you know you signed up, but haven't been receiving emails when I post, it is most likely because you forgot to confirm that you want to follow me. Just some FYI for my readers because I love you! 

Shop The Look
Skechers GOGA Max shoes  (similar)
Vintage America Blues jeans (similar)
Gloria Vanderbilt blue jean jacket (here)
plaid shirt from Walmart (tags cut out, unsure of brand) (similar)

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Sharon said...

I love this look, Debbie! I go for comfort too, and it's easier to do since I'm retired. No more searching the closet each morning for clothes that lend a professional look--just comfy laid back clothing that works for errands or a long lunch with a dear friend!

Karen said...

This is a great casual look but the jewelry dresses it up for going out. I like it! You have the most interesting purses! This one is so cool! As for signature looks, I've got a few things that I consider to be "me", at home it would be leggings and a long sweater with fuzzy socks. In the summer that changes to crops and a long shirt. For work it is a pencil skirt with a tank top and a blazer with a scarf or necklace. It's always good when we know our own style and can feel confident that we are sending the message we want to send. Love your shoes too!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon. You know I love casual!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. I really like this red purse and am carrying it a lot. A great thrifting find!

Jacqui said...

Hi Debbie, this is a look I like a lot and I could feel comfortable wearing it too. I like the layered casual look you are wearing so well here. Itend to wear jeans a lot outside of work - actually I live in them - and if I'm honest, I tend to wear slightly more body-conscious clothes in the summer, when I've been on a springtime diet, and when I'm a little more 'padded' in winter time, I wear slightly looser things! I like trousers and roomy sweaters for work in winter, and I concentrate on co-ordinating colour to add interest: I like warm tones such as rusts and browns. In summer, I make a lot of my own dresses, and wear these both for and outside of work.