Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Match Made In Seven: Midsummer's Eve

Midsummer's Eve

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Match Made In Seven! For those of you new to this collaboration, here is a recap of our group. 

We are an international group of fashion bloggers who meet once a month. One of us chooses a theme in turn, and that can be anything. A book, music, a color, a movie. And then we style an outfit based on that theme. The theme of this month is chosen by Bettye and is: Midsummer's Eve.  Also, take a look at the other bloggers and how they have interpreted the theme this month. (See list at end of post).

With this month's theme, I feel like I need to look ethereal.  So, I chose my cold shoulder pretty blue striped top with ruffles and a new blue straw skirt that drapes lightly and flutters in the wind. 

To me, this look is light and summery and perfect for midsummer, although, really, summer is just beginning! Do I look as if I could just float off of this rock?!

I've been looking for a really flowy, long, lightweight skirt for awhile now in a solid color. When I saw this one on sale online from Stein Mart I ordered it in both blue and pink. I sized up thinking that some skirts I had tried in the store felt a little tight in the waist in my normal size. When this arrived, I realized I should have stuck to the smaller size, but oh well. I'm just pinning the waist and going ahead with keeping them both. The pink color is actually more of a salmon color, but I like it. I can't stand anything tight around my waist so this way I can adjust it and pin it the way I want it to feel. Here's the link if you are interested in this skirt. The brand is Zac and Rachel. 

Here's to warm, sunny days with gentle breezes blowing as I glide through the woods at Midsummer's Eve and beyond!

Let me know in the comments if you enjoy long, flowy skirts for summer! And, be sure to check out all of the other lovely ladies on their blogs:

Nancy of https://www.nancysfashionstyle.com

Until Next Time,


Fashion Schlub said...

Yes, I can totally see you floating right up and off that rock!

I love long flowy skirts IN THEORY, but I never seem to have them. Well, now I do :-)


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Oh that is a lovely skirt Debbie!And what a amazing color. Would love to see the pink one too!

Sharon said...

I always look forward to this special post each month. I agree that you look ready for a mid-summer's eve in your flowing skirt and ruffly top. And of course, the beautiful setting for your pictures is perfect for the theme as well.

Karen said...

Very pretty! Yes, you look like you could float! Will you show the pink skirt in a future post? You always seem to have good luck at Stein Mart!

Darlene said...

Debbie, I love the way you styled this theme! We all seemed to go for an outdoorsy ethereal setting! I love long skirts and that one is so pretty on you. I'll bet the pink is pretty, too! Well done, my friend!

xx Darlene

Sonja said...

Very pretty Debbie! You are like an Angel... that bleu is totally you!

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

Very pretty top, it looks lovely with the maxi skirt!

Emma xxx