Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Re-Runs

Revisiting A Few Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone!  It seems that summer television brings on the re-runs so I figured why not have some blog re-runs just for fun? So, I'm rehashing a few favorite photos from past blog posts. If you're new to the blog I hope you enjoy seeing some of what I've done the past few years and if you are a faithful reader I hope you will enjoy a trip down memory lane! My three part series on how to style a little black dress is by far one of my most favorite posts and pics! What a versatile piece to own!

This was my very first style post way back in 2015! Still have the green top and love it. The skirt has gone bye-bye. 

This is still my favorite tablescape that I have done on the blog. I just love the blue with the crystal candlesticks, goblets and white babies breath!

This was a fun post to do! The Mr. and I haven't eaten at Mellow Mushroom in forever. Maybe we'll make a trip there soon!

Wow....sunset in the Rocky Mountains. So beautiful! We hope to get back out there this summer!

I would love to go back to Bear Lake while we are there. It is so incredibly peaceful in the early morning. Still and quiet....just the best!

And speaking of bears.....these guys still keep coming! New cubs each year though. Today, a doe and her fawn walked by my kitchen window. The fawn was covered in spots. Precious! Sorry, I didn't get a picture. I just enjoyed the scene. 

I still love this pattern mixed look. The scarf kimono can be worn tied like in this pic or hanging loose. Yep...I was still Debbiethisandthat when this pic was taken! Hadn't started styling life yet (wink)!

I have misplaced this tee shirt and it is one of my favorites! How can I lose clothes in the house?! Does that ever happen to you? 

Sigh....I've pretty much decided to swear off shorts these days. Just don't like how I look in them anymore. This was taken a couple years ago. 

I think hands down this is the craziest look I have tried! Definitely not for Debbie!

Lovin' my jeans looks though!

Like this face shot.

And it was fun to change up my look to style a "Punk look" for my Match Made In Seven collaboration group. BTW, next Wednesday will be a new edition of our Match Made In Seven and I think you will really enjoy this month's theme. Be sure to check it out!

Guess I have a little punk in me!? I can't help but like this look conservative though I may be!

But, most days this is how you'll find me...

Unless I'm wearing my crown, of course!

Hope you have enjoyed this summer blog re-run. It's been fun for me, too. Have a great weekend everyone and please leave a comment for me. I love hearing from you!

Until Next Time,


Karen said...

What a fun look back Debbie! I remember most of these posts and it was good seeing them again. Isn't it funny, and good, that even things you styled a few years back are still very current? I really like that black dress that works so many different ways! I remember how that inspired me as I have a similar dress. After you posted that, my black dress got a lot more wear! That picture of the very peaceful! It's easy to just imagine the quiet and calming effect that would have! Have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

I so enjoyed this blog post, Debbie. How fun to travel with you down memory lane!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen:
Yes, this was a very fun post to do! I so enjoyed looking back at the outfits. I'm glad that the LBD post was inspiring to you. It's amazing how one dress can be changed to look so different. I kind of surprised myself with that series! Bear Lake is my favorite spot in the Rockies and if you get there really early there aren't a lot of people there yet. It's pretty popular and they bring in busloads of hikers so later in the day it's really crowded. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Thanks, as always, for being a faithful reader and commenter. I appreciate you!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Sharon:
I enjoyed traveling down memory lane myself. It was fun and brought back lots of fun memories! Thanks so much for being so faithful with reading my blog and posting! You are so appreciated, my friend!!

Bettye/Fashion Schlub said...

Great re-runs! I have a similar black dress, I've had it for years and wear it in every season, from casual to dressy with different things over-top.

Ooh, bears!

I've always heard good things about Mellow Mushroom but have never seen one in person, I don't think we have them in NY.

Hope you have a nice weekend!


Joy said...

What a great set of photos. Looking back can be so much fun!