Sunday, June 16, 2019

Maxi Dress With Jean Jacket, New Wreath and New Beginnings

Styling, Decorating and Beginnings

Hey Friends!  Yet another busy week has gone by in which life has taken precedence over blogging. Hopefully, after about one more week I can resume my blogging schedule of at least 2-3 posts per week. I'll catch you up on some of what has been going on as the post unfolds. First off, I'm styling a long maxi dress with a blue jean jacket. This is a perfect look for summer!

Maxi dresses and skirts are still "in" and can be dressed up or down with accessories. I think adding the jean jacket gives the look a casual and relaxed summer vibe. 

I've styled this dress on the blog before with a light blue pashmina scarf, but I really like the jean jacket with the dress better. The dress hem hides my gladiator sandals which also gives a relaxed feel to the look. This outfit is cool, comfortable and perfect for a hot summer day! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy wearing maxi dresses or skirts and how you feel about jean jackets. 

I have a new decor item to share with you-a new wreath on the front door. I've had my eye on this succulent wreath at AC Moore for months and the sales finally brought it down to what I consider a reasonable price. The wreath was marked down 60% plus I had a 20% off total sale coupon which I could apply. Hooray!

The wreath looks good with the retirement quilts Sharon made for me.

And, it matches with my other succulents on display on the foyer table. This makes it look more like I have a theme going on in the foyer. 

I've mentioned how busy life has been lately. This guy right here, is retiring after 30 years of math teaching plus an architecture career before that. I'm so proud of him and all he has given to teaching his students over the years! He will continue to use his math and to teach in some form or fashion but I hope he will take some time to rest first! This pic was taken at a luncheon to honor retirees from his system. 

There have been several celebrations in the past week which is both wonderful and exhausting! At one, the retirees were each given a rocking chair!

And on top of the retirement festivities, I directed a big bells, brass and organ concert at our church last Sunday. The Mr.'s quintet performed. 

The brass played beautifully....

As did our organist....

And my handbell choir really rocked it!  I was so proud of them and all of the musicians who participated in our concert!

So, yet again it has been quite a week!  And, there were a few other things going on which I won't bore you with. I hope that each of you dear readers are well and that the week ahead brings only good things to you! Please leave a comment and let me know what's happening in your life!

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Clearissa said...

Nice look with the maxi dress and jean jacket. TFS

Sharon said...

You really did have a busy week, Debbie! I like your maxi dress. I don't currently have a maxi dress or skirt, but they have caught my eye while shopping. How nice for your Mr. to be honored by several retirement gatherings. I was so impressed that rocking chairs were given to retirees. How nice! I can speak from being one of the attendees at the concert that you are a very talented director. The music was wonderful, and the way you conduct is like a symphony of movement.

Karen said...

First of all, congratulations to your husband on his retirement! The red top you wore to the celebration is beautiful! I like how you styled the maxi dress with the jean jacket! I do like and wear maxi skirts and dresses. It seems only in the summer though....I wonder why?! I like jean jackets with dresses and skirts. I like the casual/dressy contrast. Jean jackets are wardrobe workhorses, I think. So much you can do with them! Your succulent wreath is very pretty. I have seen them at garden centers and always admire them! I hope things settle down for you soon. Busyness can be good (in some cases), but lots of times it's due to things we're dealing with that can be exhausting. I enjoyed seeing pictures of your husband's quintet and your bell choir! How wonderful that both of you enjoy music performance!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Ladies, for your comments. I'm ready for things to settle down a bit soon! Great to hear from you all!

Fashion Schlub said...

The denim jacket over the maxi dress is so cute! I've never ventured into maxis cuz I'm so short, it just seems like so much fabric on me, they're always wayyy too long!

Congratulations on your husband's retirement. Lucky him!


Joy said...

I dearly love maxi skirts and always have since the 60s and 70s. Hippy!!!

Retirement is wonderful - I hope they all enjoy it so much.