Friday, August 2, 2019

How To Style A Striped Zip Front Jacket

A Sporty Onque Zip Front Jacket

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Hey Everyone!  First off, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who wrote such encouraging and kind comments on my fourth blog anniversary post! Your comments warmed my heart and gave me a renewed zest for blogging which I truly needed. Now on to today's post. 

I've been a fan of Onque brand jackets and pants for awhile now. I have a few pieces of this brand already in my closet and I never fail to feel comfortable and stylish when I wear these pieces. So today, when I saw this jacket on the clearance rack at Stein Mart I snatched it up to try it on!

The fabric is a soft knit and is machine washable. I like the purple and soft peach stripes, the longer length and the 2/3 sleeves which means I will get multi-seasonal wear from this jacket.

It just felt really comfortable when I tried it on and, believe me, I tried it on about 3-4 different times because I wanted to make sure that it would be a good piece to add to my closet. I've mentioned before that I have done a really big closet clean out this summer and I am determined not to add lots of pieces. But on this one....I couldn't resist.....or on the other top I bought. (Wink) But, more on that on a later post!

I debated about sizing up on this jacket but decided not to. I don't like my tummy to stick out but sometimes I think it's more slimming to wear a piece that fits to the body more than a larger size which billows out over the stomach but makes one appear larger. With a pear shape I always find it challenging to fit my upper part and my lower part at the same time. If it fits well up top then it fits more closely against my lower part and the tummy can show. If I get a looser fit at the bottom to hide the tummy/thigh area then it is too big up top. Anyone else have hints on how to handle this issue? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

If you are interested in this jacket click here. The jacket is on clearance and I was able to get an additional 30% off which brought the clearance price down even more. 

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Karen said...

I like jackets with this sleeve length because as you pointed out, they do work well across several seasons. Also a good take-along cover up for blasting a/c in the summer! It's always a challenge to get a perfect fit no matter what body shape we are, it seems. I think you were wise to pick the size you did, it looks like a very good fit. Cute shoes too!

Sharon said...

What a great find! I really like the colors, and it seems so versatile. By the way, I noticed that the shoes you're wearing in the post look like they coordinate perfectly with your jacket.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen and Sharon. The colors of this jacket are what I picked up on first and when I pulled my shoes out of the closet I thought, "Yes, a good match!" I guess I'm stuck with my shape as it is and I'll just have to make peace with seeing a bit of tummy sticking out at times! Hope you both have a great day!

Clearissa said...

The top is so cute on you. TFS

Joy said...

It's a very nice top indeed, something I'd happily go for too. It looks really good on you too.