Friday, November 1, 2019

A Little Boho Skirt To Start November

Boho Skirt Styling

Hey everyone!  Happy November! I thought I would start off the month by styling a little bit of Boho with this gorgeous thrifted skirt I wore to lunch the other day. 

What caught my eye when I saw this skirt were the luscious, bold colors of this skirt. What is not to love? I love the longer length and it just seemed to feel right pairing it with a long sleeve tee and denim jacket. Can you believe how great my porch flowers still look? As I write this, however, we are getting strong winds and rain bringing a cold front so this may be the end of the flowers for this season!

Even though it's Fall, I see no reason to not wear the colors in the skirt. The colors are such a mix of reds, pinks, oranges, blues and black that the mixture seems to fit right in with all of the Fall seasonal colors. Enjoying the long pendant necklace, as well. A longer necklace seems to balance out an outfit with a long skirt.

So, would you believe that I began looking through my Christmas decor tonight?  I'm not decorating yet but I did want to look at what I have and start thinking about where I want to display certain items. 

I got excited when I saw a few items I had forgotten about that I bought at the end of last season! I did a major clean out after last Christmas and so I am looking forward to using the items I kept and really enjoying them. 

I can't help but wonder, though, at the passing of time. Here we are already in November and the holidays are just around the corner. How is that possible?! As I look at the leaves falling to the ground I realize that the Autumn colors have already peaked. But, in my opinion, that doesn't lessen the impact of their beauty. There is something truly beautiful in seeing the muted Fall colors; the golds, browns, reds and browns all whirling and swirling and twirling through the air creating a cacophony of color....kind of like this boho skirt I am wearing!

If you enjoy boho skirts like I do, head on over to a thrift store and see what you can find. Or better yet, look in your closet and see what brilliant colors you can combine to create a beautiful cacophony of color all your own! And, you might want to check out another boho skirt I shared on a previous post! Have fun and let me know in the comments if you enjoy wearing beautiful colors in the Fall!

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Karen Anderson said...

That really is a beautiful skirt Debbie! I like the florals and agree, it's just the thing for fall, even though it's going to work in the spring and summer too. I personally don't put colors in seasonal boxes either and find that we need some brights to balance the gloomier days of winter. Even though we've had nights in the 30's, I have a few pots of flowers that are still pretty, so I just keep watering them and enjoying them! Your container is very pretty! Not quite ready to think about Christmas, but the weather is saying it won't be ong.

Sharon said...

As always, I enjoyed this post, Debbie. Your whole outfit is so pretty, and I think it looks just like a fall day. I enjoyed seeing your lovely flowers too.

Debbie Styles Life said...

I agree, Karen, no need to put colors in a seasonal box but rather enjoy them year round if possible! It's really cold this morning here so I'll check in a bit to see how the flowers fared. Hope your day and week goes well!

Clearissa said...

Very pretty Boho skirt. TFS.

Fashion Schlub said...

What a fun look, Debbie!

I also can't believe it's already November. I feel like I just got used to writing "2019," and we're about to turn into "2020"!

We had big windy rainstorms all week which knocked a lot of the prettiest leaves off the trees, so our autumn foliage show is almost done, boo.


Susan said...

Nice outfit. The jean jacket really adds style to it.

Joy said...

That's a gorgeous skirt and I like the way your teamed it too. I guess your 'thrift shop' is like our 'charity shop' - second hand stuff that raises money for various charities?
Maybe I ought to look in them more as we have several around here.