Sunday, November 24, 2019

Decorating for Christmas

A Little Old and A Little New With Decorating

Hello everyone!  I've been decorating for Christmas this week and thought I would share a few photos. Those of you who regularly follow my blog may recognize some old favorites from previous years. But, I have also added a few new items to the Christmas decor this year, as well! My pics are the best I can do. I've taken photos twice and so this is it!

Since I've been adding black and white buffalo plaid and whitewashed gray items to the dining room decor, I decided to go with some of that decor for Christmas, as well. Hence, the plaid Christmas skirt, the plaid bracelet on the bottle candle and the "O Come Let Us Adore Him" sign. I decided to add contrast with the teal and silver ornaments on the little tree. 

Another corner of the dining room holds a corner shelf filled with white/buffalo plaid pumpkins and a black/white hounds tooth ribbon tree that I created. Another little tree holds ornaments that are red,white and gray in color. This room is really pretty when both trees are lit at night. 

I love putting Christmas objects in among items I already have on display like you see here with the Santas and the red glass ball tree. The tall church and house figurines you see on the right I have had since the Mr. and I were first married. I decided to display lots of traditional items this year and to keep Christmas decor mainly in the living room, dining room, foyer areas and one bathroom. I know some folks like to have every room filled but it seems like each year I weed out decorations and do a little bit less. My word this year has been "Simplicity" and I feel this is my attempt to keep decor simple and really enjoy my favorite pieces more. 

All of our trees are tabletop trees and this is the larger one in the living room. The two JOY needlepoint ornaments are ones I made years ago. The Peace on Earth needlepoint ornament was a gift from a parent from 35 years ago when I was teaching preschool! There are several ornaments on the tree that were handmade and/or gifts over many years. 

These two nutcracker soldiers have been with us many, many years and have pride of place on the mantel. 

The past couple of years I've displayed gingerbread figurines in the kitchen but, this year, I decided to use these items on the lower foyer table. 

And these two cuties are in the corner of the bathroom cabinet. 

And the bathroom shelf holds several cute little items including my two nostalgic pixie elves!

Only one item on the upstairs foyer table right now-this favorite Santa figurine.

And yet another Santa down below. 

This Welcome tree hangs in our hallway and was a gift from nieces and nephews several years ago. 

And I'll finish this post with our pretty red wreath hanging on the foyer door. The Mr. and I bought this at our local Farmer's Market several years ago. I have ordered a live pine wreath for the outside of the door but it is not due to be delivered until early December so I will show it later. 

I enjoy looking at our Christmas decor and remembering where each piece came from and feeling the nostalgia that goes with so many of our decor pieces. Our Christmas decor is definitely a little bit of this and that all put together. Not a fancy themed decor at all, just pieces that I/we love and enjoy each year. I hope you have enjoyed looking at our decorations. Let me know in comments what you liked best and also let me know if you are decorating for Christmas already and what your favorite pieces are! I love hearing from my readers and enjoy every comment!!

Be sure to check back Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. on the east coast for another edition of "Match Made in Seven" in which my international blogger's group will be sharing a fashion challenge for you to enjoy! See you then!

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Sharon said...

I always enjoy your home decor blog posts! Your home looks so festive. My favorite is the way you brought in black and white and even mixed it with some traditional colors. I'm hoping to add a few new looks to my decorating this year too.

Susan said...

Nice Christmas things. I especially like the Mary and Joseph with baby. It is lovely. I collect certain types of Santas so the wooden tree with the Santa and the Santa for the foyer table are especially nice. I do like it all though, you did a nice job of decorating. I have not done mine yet and will wait till the day after Thanksgiving. I wait because I like to keep it up till New Years day and if I put it up earlier I tend to tire of it. But I have a cabinet in my living room and it has my large nativity scene and all my collected Santas in it all year long, as well as the angels I have collected over the years. I love this time of year because of the colors and joy and the remembrance of what our Savior did.

Clearissa said...

Really pretty. Love it all but the gingerbread family is really cute. TFS and have a wonderful week.

Michele Morin said...

There's something so special about Christmas decor!

Dee | said...

Everything looks nice!! I have a set of those cross stitch ornaments that I made way back in the 1980s.

Karen Anderson said...

Your home looks so nice decorated for Christmas!! All the special touches are always so fun to see...I'm glad you do these posts! I have simplified also, so not as much will be going on display this year. Adding Christmas touches to your existing decor is a great idea. I will be doing that too. No need to completely revamp the house when you already like the things you have and use. Now you can enjoy your Christmas touches with some tea or hot chocolate in the glow of tree lights!!

Ellibelle said...

Loving all your decorative pieces! The wooden welcome tree is gorgeous and beautiful Nutcracker soldiers!! I use most of what I've collected over the years and enjoy them every year again.
Ellibelle's Corner

Terra Heck said...

It's all so pretty and festive. I especially like those gingerbread dolls.

Joy said...

Really lovely!