Wednesday, January 22, 2020

OOTD Off White Corduroy Pants and Fleece Top

How Do You Define Casual And Warm In Your Wardrobe?

Is it cold wherever you are?  It finally got pretty chilly here, as in around 16 degrees at night, so I looked for something warm, cozy and casual to wear for my outfit of the day (OOTD) today! 

This is the first time I am wearing these off-white corduroy pants that I thrifted at one of our local Goodwill stores awhile back. I couldn't believe my luck in finding this pair of Land's End corduroy pants with a comfy elastic pull on waist! A true find in my opinion. They washed up beautifully and fit well, perfect length, all of the boxes ticked off. They are a good weight for winter wearing which is exactly what I hoped for when I bought them. See similar corduroy pants here. 

The top is an old favorite that I return to when the temperatures plummet as I can always count on it for warmth! This is also a thrifted top from a local place called, "Second Gear," which specializes in hiking/outdoor thrifted wear. I have no idea what the brand is on this top, but if you can find a heavier and longer fleece top at a reasonable price then hang onto it for those really chilly days. You'll be glad you did! This fleece top looks pretty cozy although I cannot speak for the brand as I have never bought from them. My top matches well with my cozy Skecher gray ankle booties. 

I wore a couple of accent pieces with this outfit when I went out to lunch today. One is this pair of earrings made by cutting a nut (I think a walnut?) into pieces. They were made by a sweet friend who belongs to my women's group that I have written about on other occasions. She is quite artistic and these earrings were her Christmas gift to us this year. I love them and they are so unique!

Not a great picture of me, but you can see how the earrings look as I'm wearing them. I'm not very good at selfies!

And my second accent piece is this favorite old scarf that I looped around my neck and quickly tied. Sometimes I don't want to wear necklaces and wearing a scarf just "feels" better. This scarf is incredibly inexpensive (I bought it at a school Christmas shop for one dollar years ago) and yet it is one of my favorites to wear. The colors work with several pieces of my clothing and coats, it is lightweight and just feels good. I noticed today that it is showing wear and I hate to see that because, as I said, it is a favorite. Clothing being expensive has nothing to do with being a favorite piece in my book!

So, that's my cozy and casual outfit of the day!  I define cozy and casual as outfits that are comfortable, warm and yet have a sense of style with added accent pieces? How about you? How do you get cozy and casual on these colder days of winter? Hope you'll leave a comment!


Sharon said...

Your whole outfit looks so comfy and cozy! I especially like your earrings. How unique they are!

Karen Anderson said...

How cozy! A big YES! to fleece from me! That is often what I gravitate to when I'm going to be hunkering down at home. Usually knit leggings and a heavy fleece top. It's cold in Ohio, definitely, and I keep my heat WAY down during the day so when I'm home, I'm bundled up like your outfit here and try to stay moving (unless I'm under a blanket reading...the joys of retirement!) What elevates your look is those great corduroy pants! A find indeed. I love the winter white and they are just right for going out! Those those! That was such a thoughtful gift and who wouldn't love them??! You certainly look ready to face the cold stylishly!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon, those earrings are quite unique which is why I love them!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. You know the older I get the more I gravitate toward really soft and cozy fabrics. And fleece certainly fits that description. The winter white is a new favorite color for me....if only I don't drop something on it and stain it!

Susan said...

Oh my gosh that is just the type of outfit I would love. Cozy is my thing. I love the colors, corduroy, Land's End, and, the earrings are really cute.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Susan! I think there are many of us women who look for style in comfortable, cozy and casual clothing!

highlatitudestyle said...

Your earrings are really a headturner. So different from what one sees usually.
Thanks for sharing your post at the Top of the World Style linkup party.