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Match Made In Seven: 7 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Own

7 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Own

24Seven comfort clothing

Hello everyone!  It's that fun time of the month again when my international blogger's group, "Match Made in Seven," takes a fashion challenge and each of us "interprets" it as we see fit. We each take monthly turns with the challenge which could be a color, something about music, a particular style, etc. This month's theme, or challenge, was chosen by Darlene of aquamarinastyle.com and is "7 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Own." In truth, what I'm sharing today might be more in the line of "7 Fashion Items Many Women Enjoy Owning." Are they truly essential? You be the judge! And please be sure to visit each of these beautiful women after you read my post to see how they interpreted this month's challenge! Their links will be at the end of the post. 

So, I'll begin by listing the first two "essentials" which don't require a picture and those would be #1 Confidence and #2 Her Own Sense of Style. Each of these women who make up our group exude confidence in their lives and in their fashion. We live in different parts of the world, our daily lives are different and we are different ages. Yet, each of us are strong and confident women who bring all of our life experiences to how we look on a daily basis. I sometimes glance in the mirror at myself and bemoan a wrinkle or some gray hair showing through and then I think to myself; "You know what? I have earned each and every one of these wrinkles and gray hairs and I am darn proud of them!" Each of our group members also bring their own sense of style to these pages. I always love how we take a style challenge and show it so differently. That's our unique style showing through! And isn't that how it should be for all women? How sad our world would be if we were all clones that look the same walking around. God made us all unique in our looks and our styles and we can embrace that beautiful difference!

Now, on to more "essentials."  I'm modeling a version of "a little black dress" for essential #3. A black dress is such a staple item and I will show how it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what style items are added to it. I have several versions of a LBD that I have shared before. This style features long sleeves which is nice for this time of year and it also has pockets which I love!  LBD's come in so many styles, lengths, sleeves or sleeveless that it is possible for every woman to find one that fits well and is comfortable. And, if black isn't your favorite color, you will see that you can add pops of your favorite colors quite easily. I'm keeping this look a bit more sedate in the pic with a pearl necklace, pearl earrings and heels. 

This particular LBD I ordered from Amazon and the brand is 24Seven Comfort Apparel.  Because the top of this dress is more fitted I was careful in choosing essential #4 which is a variety of undergarments for different styles. Now, I won't belabor this point as we all know what undergarments are. However, I will say that I have several choices available depending on what I'm wearing and where I'm going in the outfit. So, the undergarment may vary depending on whether I'm tooling around town running errands or going to a church function. I also consider undershirts (Jockey makes a good brand sold at Target) and thin polyester/spandex tops that don't add bulk for wearing under lower cut tops or a sweater, to be undergarments as well as the usual bras. Making a good choice about undergarments can add to or take away from an outfit's silhouette as well as a woman's comfort while wearing the garment. I cannot stand to feel like I am being squeezed or stuck with hooks or wires while wearing an undergarment anymore. I lived through that in my younger years and Debbie doesn't go there anymore!

pearl jewelry

So, this brings me to #5, #6 and #7 on my list of "essentials" for this woman, at least, to own. And they are; comfortable shoes in a variety of styles, accessories that "pop" on an outfit and pretty jewelry. In the above pic, I'm showing you my pearl earrings and pearl necklace that, in my opinion, add to the dressier style version of the little black dress. The heels I am wearing in previous pics I've shown you so far are quite comfortable and supportive, but also lend to the dressier style shown here. Now, I'm going to keep wearing the same LBD, but change the whole look with the addition of different shoes, accessories and jewelry. See what you think in these next pics!

casual black dress style

Quite a difference, yes?  I enjoy finding new and different ways to wear my blue jean jacket and wearing it over my LBD certainly appeals to me and dresses down the style while still keeping the look crisp. A jacket is an accessory in my book. I traded the pearl necklace for a pretty blue infinity scarf and simply took off the pearl earrings. My hair covers my ears most of the time anyway so if I choose not to wear earrings it's fine. Some simple hoops or small posts would work well for this more casual look, also. 

blue moccasin shoes by aerosole

The Mr. was shooting these pics for me (and did a fine job I might add!) but he forgot to get a full length pic of me that showed my shoes, so I added in a photo to show you that I was wearing my blue suede shoes (Aerosoles StitchNTurn) with the LBD and blue jean jacket. These shoes are quite comfortable and look great with a variety of dresses, skirts, pants and, as you see here, jeans. 

For me, I don't have to wear expensive accessories.  As I recall, I picked up this infinity scarf at The Dollar Store and I enjoy wearing it or Paparazzi jewelry as much as more expensive pieces. The same with shoes. If it's pretty and comfortable to wear,  I like it and enjoy finding ways to style these accessories, jewelry and shoes with different outfits. 

So, those are my 7 Fashion Essentials that I own and use everyday to create my own confident style. What are your essentials? Hope you'll leave a comment and let me know and please head on over, now, to see the other bloggers and how they styled this month's challenge!

Nancy of https://www.nancysfashionstyle.com

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Fashion Schlub said...

What a great post, Debbie! You were right, there were such parallels between our posts!

I love your denim jacket over black dress look and the infinity scarf adds a nice bit of pizazz!


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Yes of course! Confidence! And our own style! Huray for that! Good essentials Debbie, and a denim jacket can t be missed too!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Yes of course! Confidence! And our own style! Huray for that! Good essentials Debbie, and a denim jacket can t be missed too!

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

You are so clever thinking of those first 2 points and what lovely things you said about us. I am going to go and hunt for an Amazon LBD now.

Sharon said...

Wow, Debbie, you did such a great job with this month's theme! I really appreciate your first 2 essentials; how creative and true those essentials are. I also like how you showed different looks with your LBD, but I especially like the denim jacket with the scarf.

Ellibelle said...

The black dress looks fabulous with the jean jacket! And loving the blue shoes!
Thanks for sharing!
Ellibelle's Corner

Karen Anderson said...

I like how you included confidence and a sense of our personal style to you list of essentials. Those are the two most important things, aren't they? Your dress is pretty...I love wearing dresses, and enjoy seeing the different ways of taking the same dress and making it so different. This really does expand our wardrobes! Both ways you've shown here are winners!

Darlene said...

Debbie, you are always so clever in your interpretation of each theme. I love your approach to this one, too! I absolutely agree that comfortable shoes and the right undergarments are totally essential!! As are all of your items. Thanks for such a great post.

xx Darlene

Iris said...

I love this outfit, and is something I don't have in my wardrobe. Really dark skirt and sweater, but it's not quite the same. Great ideas for dressing it up and down. I have long pearls like that - they were my Mother's and I never wear them. Thanks for all the ideas.
Grace & Peace,Iris

Susan said...

I love the dress. It is very flattering on you and it looks so nice with the scarf and the jean jacket. Blue shoes are a passion of mine. Right now I only have two pair but I really like the moccasins I might be on the hunt. God bless.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Ladies: Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments and for reading my blog! This was an especially fun post and it pleases me that we all seem to be similarly minded when it comes to "floating our own boats" when it comes to style. Hope you will all keep visiting often! I love hearing from you all.

Joy said...

The lobd looks much better when you can see the full length rather than just the top two thirds as in the first photo. I love its simplicity and that one could team it with so many interesting things to ass a colour, texture or shape feature.
And those shoos look so comfortable!