Saturday, April 4, 2020

Easter Decor and Taking A Walk

Sharing My Days With You

Hello everyone!  Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and it certainly doesn't feel normal does it?! This coming week is Holy Week and I, for one, am missing being able to attend church and worshipping with my fellow congregation. But, we must stay away from crowds and that means that our worship will be on our own and online. My church has been creating online worship services since the stay at home mandates started. So, I will look forward to that tomorrow. 

Today, I want to share my Easter decor with you and also some photos from a walk the Mr. and I took yesterday. I'm basically sharing my days with you and I hope you enjoy. It felt good today to put out my little Easter decorations. If you follow my blog regularly they may look familiar! I haven't been decorating the foyer table and have been leaving just the blue vases on display. But, I decided to add my little Easter baskets, made years ago by my Mom and one of my sisters, and a few other items I like to the foyer table to accent the blue vase. 

Here is how the whole table looks. 

And, I added my blue plaid bunny under the wreath on the front door. 

On the side table in the living room I placed an egg and Spring flower candle ring around the faux candle and then added my ceramic bunny next to the candle. 

I know the lighting isn't the best because I'm shooting toward the window, but I want you to see the bunny up close. I think the flowers along the side are so pretty. This is one of my favorite Easter pieces. I can't remember where I got this bunny, isn't that something?! Was it a student gift, something I bought or a gift from a family member or friend? I wish I could remember! Anyway, I enjoy decorating with this bunny each Easter. 

So, these pictures taken on our walk yesterday were shot by the Mr.  We enjoyed getting out of the house and walking in a pretty neighborhood. We practiced social distancing all the way! There were beautiful pink trees blooming and the Mr. asked me to stand in front of them with my purple coat and pink headband for this pic. It turned out well!

We admired this tree as we walked along. Isn't it gorgeous?! The color is so vibrant. 

And this is my all-time favorite house to look at on our walk!!  I LOVE the style of this house. At Christmas time when you drive by you can see Christmas trees through the windows all lit up and they are gorgeous!  I told the Mr. that if we lived in this house I would come out on the balcony and wave at him with a hanky when he came home. I do believe the Mr. thinks I am nuts! The windows are always clean on this house when we drive or walk by. I mean really clean. How do they do that?!

We had a good time getting some fresh air and exercise on this walk and it was good to be out of the house for a period of time. Now, this next picture is to show you how laid back and relaxed things are at our house right now....

Cassie's just chillin' on her perch and she told me to tell you she wants you to chill too. Just relax and take a nap and don't worry about anything. Talk about being a connoisseur of comfort! 

And, finally, I would like to leave you with a scripture appropriate for Palm Sunday. May you be blessed and enjoy a good Sunday! 

The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted, "Hosanna to the Son of David!" "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" "Hosanna in the highest heaven!"  Matthew 21:9



Sharon said...

What a nice post, Debbie. I enjoyed seeing your spring and Easter decor, and the outdoor pictures provided evidence of a very nice walk indeed!

Clearissa said...

Very nice pictures. It is going to be different not being in church in the morning but as you said, we have to stay away. The blessing is that we will attend virtually. So all is not lost. You and Mr.stay well. Your decorations are adorable. TFS

Karen Anderson said...

Those little baskets are just amazing!! Your spring/Easter decorations certainly are uplifting, and I can see why you do this! Very pretty! Such a good picture of you too in front of the beautiful trees! I've been walking outside a lot more too - even on the chilly days! Those windows Debbie...I'll bet they have someone keep up with that! It's a lovely house! I'm with Cassie, just ride this thing out and soon we'll be back to our real lives! Like you, I'm anxious to get back to church. I'm glad they do online services, but I just want to actually be back in person! Have a good week Debbie!