Thursday, September 24, 2020

Greeting Fall and Catching Up

 Welcoming The New Season

Hello everyone!  I know it's been awhile since I've posted. But, I'm back today with some pretty pictures and Fall Greetings to you all! Most of today's pics were taken by the Mr. and he did a great job if I do say so myself. I'm not certain what this gorgeous gold plant is but isn't it pretty? I knew that mustard and gold colors were in style for fashion but I had no idea they were trending in seasonal fashion as well (wink)!

We're already getting leaves falling on our driveway. I love all of the reds, yellows and browns that appear this time of year. I have to admit that I always feel excited at the start of a new season. This red color on a leaf the Mr. snapped on his hike today is especially gorgeous. Change can be so refreshing! In many ways.

It's been chilly enough here to have the heat on the last few days. I hope we go back to warmer temps after this cold spell is over. I'm enjoying Fall colors but I'm not really ready for cold temperatures yet! I actually pulled out some sweaters to wear and haven't been wearing the summer tops much. I know our calendar date says Fall, but perhaps we are having an "early" Fall with temperatures.

I took this pic of a recent backyard visitor. He seems to be looking at me as if to say, "Hey, youse takin' a picture of me?!" For awhile after we installed the new back driveway the animals took a hiatus from visiting us. I think they have forgiven us for messing up their playground and are returning. That makes us happy. 

And here's another pic I took of my zinnias. They are starting to show wear now. But, take a look at that one stem. Talk about standing out above the rest! I have no idea why it decided to suddenly shoot up this way. Kind of like the singer in the choir who wants to be heard above everybody else yet is singing a little out of tune. The other stems are saying, "Pipe down back there!"

Fall is here and we begin yet another season during a time of uncertainty in our world. As we walk down this road that seems so unclear at times, reflect on this. God is good. All the time. God will have the final word. 

"When the cares of my heart are many, Your consolations cheer my soul"
Psalm 94:19

Until Next Time


Sharon said...

I enjoyed seeing the nature pictures in your post, Debbie. It's hard to believe it's fall, and like you, I hope we have at least a few more days of warmer temperatures before it's time for the cold to set in.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon. I do hope it warms up for awhile longer!

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing Debbie! I believe the first one is goldenrod, at least that is how we refer to it here, and it's in its brilliant yellow glory everywhere. I do love fall, just not ready for the truly cold temperatures that are following close behind. Right now we're having days in the 80's, but that's soon to change. I was excited to change over my closet, and it's funny, but putting all those things away last spring was like a sigh of relief. I remember thinking I didn't want to see them for a very long time. Then I go to change over the closet and look forward to wearing them again! How fickle! God has blessed us with four distinct seasons, and I try to find the beauty in each one. Winter is difficult, but does have its moments...!

Iris said...

I think your mystery plant is goldenrod. It's gorgeous but rough on people with allergies. Love your little chipmunk visitor, and all your pictures.
Grace & Peace,Iris

Debbie Styles Life said...

Great to hear from you, Karen! Thanks for letting me know about the goldenrod. I agree, it's fun to put the Fall clothes away and exciting to get them back out again! It's always challenging to dress in the "in between" times of seasons when the weather goes back and forth a bit. Hope you and your family are doing well!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Iris: Thanks for letting me know about the goldenrod. Yes, I've heard it is really bad for allergy sufferers. Hope you are doing well!