Friday, May 6, 2022

Flowers, Inside and Out

 Time For Flowers

Hi friends!  I'm back from my travels and I've got my gardening gloves on and am ready to enjoy some flowers both inside and outside of our house. You' re invited to come along as I choose flowers, bring them home and get them planted. 

The Mr. and I decided to do a "trial run" starting with a few plants and seeing how they do with our bear and deer visitors to our backyard. 

The Mr. is also working on getting the little lawn we have to look a little greener. We got plenty of soil for our projects. 

And here is how this arrangement of planters looks. I like how The Mr. put the round planter on top of the square planters for a bit of an artistic arrangement! As you can see I went with orange/pink and white lantana, purple coleus and one container of an orange impatiens. Last year I was able to have huge impatiens plants without the deer eating them. We'll see if this year is the same. Impatiens are my favorite outdoor plant, especially the New Guinea variety, so I would love to plant more of them this year! So far, so good!

And, on my recent trip to see family, I had occasion to visit a lovely store in the mall that sold all sorts of home decor. I decided to buy this pretty candle ring and it is now in our living room gracing our side table. I love the yellow flowers for Spring and Summer. It is so cheerful. 

And continuing with the yellow theme, I wanted to share these pretty yellow mums that The Mr. gave me. They are starting to look a little spindly but are still oh so pretty. I like the yellow and white plaid wrapper, also!

So, that's it for flowers both inside and outside of my home! How about you? Are you planting any flowers or bringing any flowers into your homes? Be sure to share in the comments about flowers, or anything else, you would like to share. And Happy Mother's Day on Sunday for all you lovely Moms and ladies who have loved and mothered others (including fur babies)!!

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

What a lovely post! It is indeed the time for flowers. I'm enjoying azaleas and rhododendrons in my yard, and plans for tomorrow include visiting a greenhouse about 30 minutes away for some herbs and hanging baskets. I enjoyed seeing your flowers inside and outside your home.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon. Have fun at the greenhouse tomorrow!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Flowers make everything better

Karen Anderson said...

So nice to see your flowers Debbie! I really like the arrangement of planters...I hope the deer move on by without trying any flowers! I used to watch them eat mine every year when I had my house. The deer are so pretty it's hard to get upset with them! It's supposed to warm up here later in the week, but it's been a cold, rainy spring so far. I got all my balcony furniture assembled today with the help of my son, and I put a plant stand together that will house my herbs. I'm very anxious to add some flowers when it warms up a little more! I love yellow too and enjoyed seeing your yellow touches in your house!

Karen Anderson said...

I'm having trouble with comments Debbie... did something change? I hope this doesn't come through as a repeat, but I love your beautiful flowers and the planters how you have them set up! Here's hoping that the deer stay away!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen:
I got both of your comments. It's probably just that I screen all comments and it takes me awhile to publish them. No worries. How exciting to get your balcony furniture assembled and ready to enjoy! It got chilly again here today and I actually turned on the heat again! Guess it will be back and forth like that until summer finally arrives!