Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Match Made In Seven: Style Resolutions

Style Resolutions For 2020

My biggest style resolution is to wear outfits I feel great wearing
 Hello everyone!  It's time for another edition of Match Made In Seven and I think you will find this month's theme to be very thought provoking. For those of you who may be new to this collaboration, here is a recap of who we are. 

We are an international group of fashion bloggers who meet once a month. One of us chooses a theme in turn, and that can be anything. A book, music, a color, a movie. And then we style an outfit based on that theme. The theme of this month is chosen by Bettye and is: Style Resolutions! Also, take a look at the other bloggers at the end of this post and how they have interpreted the theme this month.

You know, resolutions are always a big part of every New Year. I've kind of given up on resolutions and pretty much stick to a particular "word(s)" of the year which I use for inspiration. But, what about style resolutions? This theme really made me think. What do I want to resolve to do or change or celebrate with my style?  I guess my style resolutions are ones I have been living by for awhile now and want to continue in 2020 and beyond. 

Resolution #1: Wear What You Like

You know, I really do believe that everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to clothing and just wearing something because it is "trendy" or has a particular label doesn't work for me. If I LIKE a trendy item or label then I'll wear it, but not just because it's a trend or a fancy label. I dearly love this boho skirt with the dark top and blue jean jacket. I did a BIG closet clean out and this was one piece I knew I would keep. The colors are pretty and happy and I feel good wearing it. This skirt cost about $4 at a local Goodwill and I LOVE it!!

Resolution #2: Don't Be Afraid To Try New Looks With Clothing

I've had some interesting experiences trying out new "looks" with clothing. Like this outfit above where I tied a kimono vest in blue over a goldenrod yellow top and tan pants. Some of you may love this look and some of you may hate this look but what really counts is what I think....and I do not like this look at all!  I like each of the individual pieces in this outfit, just not together. But, I tried something new and that's OK. I'm going to keep on trying and sometimes I'll get it right and sometimes I won't. Fashion isn't rocket science, in my opinion, so nothing horrible will happen if I wear an outfit that doesn't look all that great, LOL!

Resolution #3: Keep It Practical

I believe that fashion should be practical as well as fun. As I age, I find that comfort and practicality wins hands down over being a fashionista!  Case in point is the picture above. The Mr. and I went downtown Friday evening to enjoy dinner and a concert. It was chilly and rainy and I knew we would be parking and walking in the wind to dinner and then to the concert venue. So while trying to stay stylish, I also dressed for the weather with a heavy down coat, warm booties, gloves and a warm headband. I added a little interest with some pops of blue color in the gloves that brought out the gray tones in the booties and pants and then matchy-matchy with the colors in the coat, handbag and headband. That's my style story and I'm sticking with it....and being practical!

Resolution #4: Think Before I Buy But It's OK To Make A Mistake

I'm trying to curb my enthusiasm a bit with buying clothing and want to make good choices when I do decide to make a purchase. I've always been thrifty when it comes to buying clothing but styling clothing on the blog means I'm frequently trying to come up with new outfits to share. I shop my closet whenever possible and try to not overspend when I do buy. The dress you see above is a recent Christmas gift that I picked out and this purchase involved quite a bit of thought. But, did I make a good choice? I originally tried this dress on in the store and looked it over carefully, then decided not to buy it.  Later, at home, I looked at it again online and thought about how much I loved the material, the neckline and how soft it felt when I tried it on. The little details like the cuffed sleeves, unique draped collar and the buttons added to my decision to go ahead and order the dress as a Christmas gift. I felt that even though this dress had short sleeves, I could wear it during the colder seasons by adding a layer underneath and wearing it with tights or leggings. When I wore the dress yesterday, I liked how the top half you see above looked. 

But, oh my, I'm not so sure about the outfit as a whole. The tights look too dark, I don't know if I like the ankle booties, I'm not certain about the length of the dress and I wonder if wearing a layer underneath makes the dress look tight!  I think this dress looks so pretty on the hanger but I'm not certain if it looks pretty on me. Was it a bad buy?  I don't know yet. This is when I consider my resolution to think before I buy but it's OK to make a mistake. Maybe this dress will look better in the Spring with bare legs and sandals. Or maybe I need to try a sweater over it rather than a layer underneath. Maybe I need to try sheer hose with different shoes.  Maybe I need to offer myself some grace with this choice and not beat myself up for buying a piece of clothing that may or may not work. After all, we can think carefully before buying clothing and it still may or may not be an outfit that works for us. And you know what? That's OK!

So, those are my four style resolutions for 2020.  What are your style resolutions?  I hope you will leave a comment and let me know.  I enjoy hearing from my readers so much!  And please don't forget to head over and look at the other beautiful ladies and how they are interpreting this month's theme! 

Until Next Time,


Susan said...

The down coat is very nice and the bag. I love the sweater in the last picture too.

Fashion Schlub said...

Great resolutions, Debbie! I especially love "wear what you like" rather than just following trends...and "think before you buy," to avoid as many mistakes as you can (though we all make them!)


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Oh absolutely wear what you like! But also thinking twice before buying is one I certainly will do this year! And check my wardrobe first!!

Darlene said...

Debbie, I like the way you addressed this theme. I totally agree with all of your style resolutions, especially the one about it's ok to make a mistake! I look back at some of my photos or go, oh, that didn't work!! Lol!

Nicely done, as always.
xx Darlene

Sharon said...

I have never thought about making resolutions about what I wear, but I really like your resolutions! They are very sensible but still allow for your own style.

Ruth Josey said...

I'm struggling with some style resolutions that I should be following. My closet is so full and my feel-good endorphins are so happy when I get myself something new. I'm going to try to do better with donating 2 pieces when I get myself one piece, try being the keyword here. I love that first look (I think Boho should be my signature style but I rarely dress it). And the last dress is really cute. And I like it with the shirt under it to make it more wearable for cold weather. But I think you're right - it would be more stunning with a different color under it (leggings, boots and all). I just don't know what.


Karen Anderson said...

I love your assessment that nothing horrible happens when we make a fashion mistake. So true Debbie!! I'm being very honest when I say that I like the looks you've put together here. I stand by what I've said before, that you are relatable, real, and inspirational in how you take things that you have and try them in new and interesting ways. You will no doubt warm up to the pretty gray dress. With your experience in trying things in different ways, I'll bet you are going to land on something with this dress that convinces you it was a good purchase! I never thought about style resolutions, but it makes sense. Like you, I don't do resolutions (too hard on myself to make resolutions), but if I had one it would just be ongoing...evaluating what I want my chosen outfit to say about me, and staying true to who I am by what I choose to wear when I'm out. We must wear what we like, as you said, because life is just too short to try to be someone else or even worry about what someone else thinks of what we have on. Fashion should be fun! Sweet kitty scurrying out of the photo!!

Catherine said...

Looking forward to following your blog.

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

The think before you buy resolution resonates with me for sure. I am with you on practical, especially with footwear!