Friday, October 2, 2020

Casual Fall Wear Series Part 2

 Unexpected Layering For Fall

red plaid Fall shirt

Hi everyone!  Here we go with part two of my series about Casual Fall Wear. Today, I'm doing some unexpected layering with tops I shopped from my closet. I say unexpected layering because I'm using tops you might not think about to layer. Let me know what you think in the comments section and, as always, shop your own closet to try a similar look. 

So, for this look, I've taken a white blouse that I have owned for a hundred years (well, maybe not a hundred but a looooong time) and layered my plaid red top by Peck and Peck over the top. I popped the collar on the white blouse a little to add some extra "zest" to the look. 

Wearing layers like this used to be very popular and it seems styles have gotten away from this over the years but I still think it is a smart, casual look. BTW, the white blouse I'm wearing is a size small from long, long ago and it still fits. And, there is no way I could pull a small blouse off of today's racks and be able to wear it. That goes to show you how much sizing has been messed with over the years! OK, let's look at some more layering.

blue snap closed sweater

This is an outfit I wore over Labor Day weekend. Same shoes as in the other photos but this time, I'm layering a hiking style shirt with a thrifted blue sweater top that snaps closed. The pants are Alfred Dunner in a light creme/tan and are a Poshmark purchase. They fit beautifully and are really comfy! 

The blue top has a story. Years ago when I was working at the pre-school and giving private music lessons, the Moms would come in with tops in this style. I really admired the look but, at the time, we were young marrieds and had no money for "frivolous" purchases. Paying the rent and other bills was the most important. At that time, I wasn't teaching in Public Schools yet. So, alas, I didn't get one of these tops. Fast forward many years and I found this top/sweater in a Goodwill and scooped it right up! I love wearing it and feel it is a "classic" that doesn't go out of style. So, good things come to those who wait! 

Now, go look in your closet and see what tops you have that could be layered one over the other. Give it a try and let me know what you find, OK? See you on Monday with Part 3 of my Casual Fall Wear series. 

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Karen said...

Hi Debbie! I love this layered look with your white shirt. The first one with the checks in the longer top is something I can see wearing often. It looks very cozy for the cooler days and is very sharp! That is definitely a keeper! I also like the cardigan with the white shirt which to me says 'dressed up casual'. I find myself looking at my white shirt in my closet as the days get colder and wondering what to do with it. I would not have thought to put it under another shirt. This is something I will definitely copy. The cardigan and the shirt, I will use that one too. Thank you for the inspiration for what to do with a white shirt!

Debbie Styles Life said...

So glad you are getting ideas from this series, Karen! I find it a fun challenge to go through my closet and find different ways to wear items. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sharon said...

I like both of these looks, Debbie. The layering is a great idea, especially when our mornings are so cool compared to warmer afternoons right now. I'm glad you're planning on continuing this casual wear series. It's fun to see how you shop your closet.